Pamphliplexia Race

Dec 18, 2018
Pamphliplexia: Giant bipedal arthropods, cannibalistic and anti-social to their own kind.

Name: Pamphliplexia
Body-type: Bipedal, digitgrade
Language: Galactic-Common / Instinctual body language
Cultural Style: N/A, destroyed
Appearance: Reinforced arachnid giant people
Av. Height: 19 feet
Av. Weight: 670 lbs.

Basic Details

The Pamphliplexia are a race of sapients belonging to the distant planet of Fortuuga. They were once a vast and prosperous people, until their horrid choices doomed both their environment and hope for a future. Their planetary orbit was littered with such metal and debris that it was impossible for them to attempt visiting other planets. At the time they had yet to even master space travel, but they were still very advanced. Their doomed future was soon lined with a crashing economy, failing solar panels, and soon, a dreary gray stain on their days, literally. In hopes to preserve themselves, their capital city began the 'genomic escape' program. About 44% of the population was either funded or privileged enough to be able to go under the procedure. Those who did it were stored on data, sentient and sapient mind collected and vaulted individually till the end of time. Their leftover bodies were then stolen 'with permission under contract' and used for a separate experiment that will be important later on.

Those who were left alive, and left to die on their doomed world, were not happy. They soon formed a rebellion, and eventually the guards of the capital city soon realized they were just as doomed as the rebels, and joined forces. In less than a decade, the entire plan failed. For everyone. In a glorious and epic battle in the capital city's reactor core containment facility, it took too ill misfire, and detonated. In a matter of seconds, the war was over. The full circle was blasted out of the blanket of garbage blotting out the sun. The blast took it all away, even those left alive. It took out all life left on Fortuuga, except.. project Adam. In an underground facility, an alarm went off, and 3,000 plus creatures were jettison'd out into the seared forests of their new world. These new Pamphliplexia were nothing like their old selves, there were made to do what they couldn't. Survive.

The old Pamph were four-legged, insectile with four upper arms. With proud stag horns and saggy thick trunks. The new Pamph were bipedal, their arms and legs twice as strong as they were two fused together, their gills now larger to take much more air in, and their trunks now flattened and flap-like. Most Pamphs died off due to ill-education and fights between them. But they soon realized how to survive, and what to follow. The new Pamph were essentially self-feeding, their caviar grew from solar radiation and water, their own eggs were edible to them. To survive, they must follow the light of the sun, their "Holy ring."

In modern years, space colonization and the core races eventually found them. The Pamphs were evacuated, and the home world is now abandoned. Rumors say the old ways are still out there, hidden in the crater of the capital city. But venturing to the planet is near impossible with so much debris and freezing temperatures.

General Anatomy

Pamphs are giant-sized beings, tall and slandered. Their torsos are large and peanut-like, with no existing neck. They all share the same colorization in skin, but will actively recolor themselves with dye and dirt to keep a identity between obvious color clones. They can survive purely off of solar radiation, sunlight, and water, and could be considered plants. They do possess a mouth, able to digest food such as meat and rocks in order to give mineral supplements to their growing bodies, but they eventually stop this once they reach their adult size.

Every Pamphliplexia is considered male, as shown by tissue samples and psychological testing. But biology argues they are hermaphrodites, or even asexual, as they produce and can fertilize their own eggs. A alien method of re-purposing radiation poisoning into their zygotes lets them effectively make unique offspring off of a same-same parent.

Natural Abilities

-Can survive off of just sun and water.
-Extremely tall and flexible. Lots of body mass and health to boot.
-strong rubbery fingers, an iron grip to booth identical hands and feet.
-Digit-grade leg structure, better leaps and crouches.
-Hive minded, a single Pamph is actually 3 separate brains all working alongside each other. Can survive isolation.

-Get nauseous from very common foods and drinks, like milk and bread.
-Low speed stat, too heavy and armored for super quick reactions.
-The joints between limbs are known critical-hit areas.
-Due to historical events, they are hostile and even homicidal to their own kind. Their offspring counts are barely dented by this.
-Multiple brains working at once mean they can theoretically argue with themselves and even become self-destructive.

-The home world and all known lore can be easily googled to learn about. The rest is a mystery. For now...
-All Pamphliplexia consider themselves either as a male or as a 'trap', a submissive male.
-Most Pamphs are known as shallow and cruel, their lack of social structures means less ingrained education on being polite and merciful.

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To RP as one / edit the sprite for yourself, DM James Eskabar for the premade lunanimation code or the raw sprites to re use.
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