Pages from Morph's Journal #2: "The Warborn"

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    February 10, 3140

    "History has a funny way of rehashing itself in the future. We try to prevent history from doing so, but it finds a way. Such is the case with the Warborn. Now, from my understanding, and what I've heard, the Warborn have been around for quite sometime. I believe the infamy was centered more on their leader, Teros, than the group as a whole. I fondly recall mention of him back on Cenaria, but lately he's been the talk of the town. His group is one that prides itself on chaos, hysteria, and crime. Though I've never been an advocate for a "galactic police force", I've always tried to keep my own set of morals in-line with those of my birth country, the United States of America. Then again, I don't follow that practice all too well. I make my own road and keep going in my own direction. That's how it is out here. But back to the point at hand, I'll give my observation on this rag-tag team.

    To me, the Warborn are a group of barbaric individuals, whose ideology consists of disorder and anarchy. Unlike the many other factions around, this group manages to tick-off every single patron that resides in Lux. I condone their actions, ultimately. Their back-alley approach to business and dominance is uncivilized, and not welcome among the more prestigious factions. In order to gain legitimacy, there are two approaches; diplomacy and war. Either you kindly establish yourself through more passive means, or become infamous through brutish force, administered to the weaker individuals. Such is the case with the Warborn, but I do not view them as legitimate. How they are still relevant is due to their scattered personnel, still idolizing the creator of the group. If I were to make a public announcement about the Warborn, it would be to encourage the halting of Warborn operations in Lux, at least. I refuse to keep a trade agreement with them because of their continued antics."

    [Published by William, March 1, 3140]
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    Man this is, really good cant wait for more!
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