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    Osiris: New Dawn is a game I've poked on the past days, it is a kinda ark in space with a vibe of Subnautica, being creating a settlement with your colony on a game that feels to be more directed at PvE and Events rather than PvP unlike Ark. One of the things I like is how it's more persistent when you have a private server and invite friends to it, the save is on the server that means no host needs to be online and anyone can just load up your colony and play. Currently, the game is very early, it's easy to feel the bugs and missing parts of it.

    --- This is a Feed Thread, news about the game will be automatically posted here so check "Watch Thread" above! ---

    Game Info:
    The year is 2046 and mankind’s discovery of near-lightspeed "fold engine" propulsion has empowered mankind's Osiris expeditionary missions to the Gliese 581 system. You are the second colonization team sent by the U.N.E. (United Nations of Earth) to study potential habitable planets when your spacecraft malfunctions braking from light speed, forcing an emergency landing on the planet’s surface.

    Overcome the dangers of an environment with unpredictable weather conditions by building a central base, expanding the structure further with modular units to grow food, create research centers, manufacturing bays and more. To further advance technologies and thrive on the planet, traverse into a world filled equally with breathtaking landscapes and alien terrors that will freeze your blood. Osiris is a beautiful game that uniquely combines inventive crafting, curious exploration, and skillful combat. Explore an alien system and colonize worlds of incredible wonders and unforgiving dangers.


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    Build 0.944 is Live!

    Hey guys, we’ve been hard at work getting more and more of the issues you are seeing fixed! We let you know what we were working on over the weekend and think we have a fix for some of the common issues. See below for what this hotfix includes:

    Highlighted Fixes:

    • The compass should now properly point to your body after death.
    • The Lab panels will now only need 6 full length panels to complete. No more odd build angles.
    • Missions now continue where you left off after logging out.
    • Biodome building issues. No more resource loss if it doesn’t build.
    • Hallway and Barracks now “snap” onto the HAB much easier.
    • Decreased night attack music.
    • Lighting optimization to improve multiplayer framerates.
    • Hovercraft and Spaceship temporarily do not use fuel until we add gas tank utility functionality.
    • Vehicle spawn points are temporarily a little further from the lab to prevent collision issues with the spaceship until we add the launchpad utility.

    And a few things we are still working hard on and expect some updates soon!

    • Resolution Issues, support in progress for 1440 X 900, 1680 X 1050, 1900 X 1200, and any 16:10 aspect ratio. Ultra wide formats coming next.
    • Keyboard remapping options
    • Saving issues on Private Servers. Lots of work has already been done to improve reliability but there is more work to do here.
    • Building capacity. We hope to implement a system soon to ease the building cap problem without losing massive framerates for everyone. For now don’t be afraid to go knock some down :)

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    2046 seems way too early for interstellar travel. In terms of realism, it could be anywhere from 2150 to 3000, we don't really know.
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    Build 0.976 is Live! (October 5th)

    Build 0.976 is Live! (October 5th)

    Hey guys, we’ve had another busy couple days working on more of the issues we have found and that you have all highlighted.

    We have made some major strides with global optimization throughout all of the modes. If all goes well we will be raising the structure limit.

    We‘re starting to get through the major items that we have seen reported throughout the forums. Once that is done we can shift to providing more content!

    Highlighted Fixes:

    • Support for 16X10 Resolutions (1440 X 900, 1900 X 1200, 1680 X 1050, 1080 x 1050)
    • Added display of amount of people in a server into multiplayer UI
    • Fixed Auto Sprint Oxygen and Stamina issue
    • Massive optimization fixes throughout the game
    • Raised ground clearance with Hoverbike
    • Raised ground clearance and adjusted handling of controls for G.A.V.
    • Added UI hint to compass “Use map to select target”
    • Giant Worm now has sound (volume still needs to be adjusted)
    • Hoverbike no longer sinks into lab floor when driving into the lab
    • Fixed GAV FX on local client
    • Fixed seaming issues around map edge
    • Quick Slots 5, 6, 7 and 8 are now active
    • Flashlight / Vehicle Lights save state changes
    • Rear Stabilizers on Hoverbike now has increased health amount
    • LAB can now only be used by owner/colony
    • Added ramp to LAB placement icon
    • Kitchen text description corrected
    • Save warning added to vehicle inventory that currently doesn’t save correctly
    • Improved Weather Syncing

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    Build 0.993 is LIVE (October 10 - SERVER WIPE)

    This patch is a big one for us and involves a server wipe. We hopefully will not need to do this very often. Only when absolutely necessary. So let’s dive in!

    NOTE - Single Player players should restart their character and world to ensure all the updates are realized.

    Highlighted Updates:

    • Location based servers! We now have server location options to choose from to get the lowest ping. Choose from US West and East, EU, Canada, Europe, Asia, South America, Australia. Your servers should default to the ones with the lowest ping but feel free to choose any region.
    • We’ve migrated to more powerful servers. This should reduce the saving issues many have had.
    • Structure limits have been doubled on all servers!
      PVE Servers added!
    • 10 spawn locations with wide area spawn randomization - you won’t be spawning on top of each other anymore!
    • Gold now registers in Assualt Rifle Creation Recipe
    • Receive 80% of a structure’s resources when deconstructing it.
    • Vehicles, robots and structures are now destructible
    • Furniture is now destructible

    A lot of ground work was also laid in the patch to include even more features very soon including structure degradation over time. This will help with the structure limits when implemented. If we find that people are still getting solid FPS we will raise the structure limits again!

    -Osiris Team

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    Osiris Mission Update 10.12 - A Message From Brian McRae

    Hello to all space adventurers currently "exploring" Osiris: New Dawn! This is Brian McRae, Founder & CEO of Fenix Fire Entertainment. I just wanted to take a quick moment to give our growing Steam community an update on the ongoing development mission at this time.

    First off, I want to give a huge THANK YOU to all the Steam players currently playing and supporting the game. When we debuted at PAX West we felt the game was received very well but we weren’t sure how well the game would perform when we launched it into Early Access. We’re very aware that gamers were disillusioned with some recent space-based games, and with comparisons being made to our Osiris, that made us a bit nervous. So we were absolutely overwhelmed and humbled by the response, the positive comments, and being the #1 game on Steam for five days in a row!

    While this is worth celebrating, we haven’t had time to really celebrate at all; we’ve been slammed fixing bugs and framerate issues, optimizing the game more for online play, and planning out upcoming content updates. I’m going to sound like a broken record, but again, a huge MEGA THANK YOU to you, our incredibly helpful Steam fans for reporting bugs, making suggestions, and generally having a positive attitude when playing Osiris. We went into Early Access with the idea that gamers could help mold the game and we have been incredibly appreciative to all the constructive feedback. We have the framework to build the solar system and beyond in Osiris, and definitely want gamers to be along for the ride as we add new features and additional content toward a full launch next year.

    With the ambitious direction that we plan for Osiris, we definitely needed help down the road and when I haven’t been working on the game, I’ve been onboarding new dev team members. As of last week, we’ve gone from a "team" of two people to a team of eight people – that’s four times more people working on the game now! Jokes aside, the new team members will make a huge difference in the coming weeks as they identify bugs, deliver fixes and begin concepting new content so much more quickly than we could before.

    So, what’s the immediate plan for Osiris? Well we just launched a patch that will immensely help online play – server regions! Also, since we added a lot of multiplayer performance optimizations we now have room to increase the structure limit per server to twice what we had before, as well as making structures and vehicles fully destructible. And of course we’re working on some really cool new content that we’ll be implementing in the next week or so (needs to be tested, of course!). Look for an announcement on the next content update this week.

    Lastly, a big thing to look forward to is Aziel, the neighboring moon with a completely different climate… ice, ice, baby! While there are still a bunch of things we need to finalize, polish and balance on Proteus 2 (the first planet) we’re not that far from adding Aziel in the near future.

    Anyway, again thank you so much for your attention and support on Osiris: New Dawn - back to making galaxies!

    Brian McRae
    CEO & Founder, Fenix Fire Entertainment.

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    Build 0.1.005 is LIVE (October 14)

    Hey All!

    Another patch is here which focuses on server saving issues and we were able to address a few other things as well. The most important change will be that you assign your character to a server. So please take care when choosing which server and region you want to play on.

    Highlighted Updates:

    • Restructuring of the main menu to allow avatar centric server assignment to solve server jumping save game issues
    • Fix - Vehicles do not eject when one player dies on a server
    • Fix - All furniture now destroys when structure is destroyed
    • Added Depository to main mission progression
    • Changed Hydrogen costs to 50 to fix the 25 left over bug
    • Performance optimizations on geyser particle systems

    Check the forums for more information!

    -Osiris Team

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    Upcoming Content

    Ahoy space adventurers! The journey continues with more updates to Osiris: New Dawn and, as always, we’re very thankful to the whole community being onboard and keeping a positive attitude during our development.

    Of course, we’re still furiously optimizing the online multiplayer gameplay and finding bugs to fix daily but we know it’s time to give you guys more news on some of of the upcoming content we are working on. These things will be coming soon and you guys are the first to see these art pieces!

    Base Defense – Turrets: Tired of alien or colony raids? Soon base turrets can defend against alien creatures and opposing human factions.


    New Resource - Azurnium:
    The very rare resource will be discoverable - how you find it is another story. :)

    Craftable Vehicle - Mech: With Azurnium discoverable you will now be able to build the ultimate tool of destruction…the MECH! Terrorize alien creatures and human rivals with this high-end mechanized robot.


    Crab Creature Mount:
    We’ve been really trying to think of a unique and creative way to implement ridable crabs. Do you tame them? Do you find them? We’ve agreed on a new system we are really excited about. So players will soon be able to use crabs as a ridable mount. We don’t want to spoil the details of the mechanics on how to obtain it, but let’s just say you’re going to have to “science the shizz out of it” to make it happen. :)

    Adventure into the Caves: New underground caves will be vastly expanded with large caches of resources - but only those ready for a fight will reach this motherlode of riches.


    Keybind Functionality: The highly requested feature will enable players to rebind key commands to their own preferences.

    We also mentioned a couple days ago that the next planetary experience will be Aziel, a moon that features harsh ice climates, snowblinding landscapes, and new alien lifeforms lurking in wait. Many more content updates are in the works, so stay tuned for more detail soon!


    -Osiris Team

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    Build 0.1.068 Live (Oct 26th)

    Build 0.1.068 Patch Notes

    Hey everyone,

    Here are the patch notes for the latest build of the game. The world is now far more dangerous so be careful!

    New Content:
    • Ground Turrets are now available for crafting
    • Added alloy rocks that yield various minerals when mined.
    • Improved Map system - Longitude and Latitude values now respond to direction
    • New Updated Hives - Added two new Hives (Caves) with new entrances and exits.
    • Hives now spawn creatures and are far more dangerous
    • Updated Mining Mechanics
    • New resolution support (5:4, 4:3, 3:2) - 1440X900, 1768X922, 1280X1024, 1600X1200, 3840X2160
    • Harvesting Spawns - Mining now has a chance to agitate underground aliens
    • Some aliens travel in packs and some will coordinate their attacks
    • Food now replenishes health and Alien Meat can be grilled at the Forge
    • New higher level creatures
    • Added nickname feature to Structures, Utilities, and Furniture (including Beacons)

    Bug Fixes/Updates:
    • Saving/Single Player issues fixed
    • Online players will no longer show up in Single Player games
    • All structures with complete walls will now be pressurized
    • After dying, a timer has been added to show how long you have to recover dead body
    • Forge artwork implemented
    • Creatures now damage structures
    • Added damage ranges to weapons
    • Improved low health indications and warnings
    • Aliens guard Hive entrances
    • Entering vehicles while holding a barrel
    • Fixed worm rendering
    • Fixed jitter on Map
    • Improved weapon movement when player gets hit

    Let us know what you think about the new mechanics.

    Osiris Team

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    HOTFIX 0.1.070 is now live!

    Hello fellow Astronauts! Hotfix 0.1.070 is now live and comes with some bug fixes as well as some awesome Server Changes including a Structure Limit Increase as well as raising the limit of Players Per Server, read below for the full list.

    • Increased structure limit
    • Increased players per server
    • Balanced structure health
    • Added in structure degradation
    • Balanced alien infestation levels
    • Added new functionality to Alien Meat
    • Lots of balancing for creature spawns and XP curves
    • Fixed some ammo saving issues
    • Fixed recipe for pistol to not include fluorine

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    Build 0.1.076 Patch Notes (Nov 18th)

    Build 0.1.076 Patch Notes

    Hey everyone,

    Here are the patch notes for the latest build of the game. We made it a huge focus to narrow down notorious saving issues, tested a bunch of variable causes, and we believe it should no longer be a major concern. Of course, we’re only human so on the off-chance that we missed something, please let us know on the forums if you are still experiencing a saving issue.

    We will be announcing what's going to be in our next big update on Tuesday. The team has been working very hard on this content update.

    Bug Fixes/Updates:
    • Voice Over IP is now in the game! (volume setting is being worked on. We suggest lowering the sfx/music volumes to better hear players)
    • Adjusted the character limit for text chat
    • Chat now shows Player Character Name
    • UI added displaying save progress of buildables
    • Player vitals are now saved
    • Global saving issue fixes

    Let us know if you are seeing any game breaking issues. Can’t wait to show you all of the new content that is coming very soon..

    Osiris Team

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    Upcoming Content

    Hey everyone, we wanted to share some of the content we’ve been working on and let you know it can be expected soon! We are anticipating launching this large content update the week of December 12th and will let you know the exact day that week closer to it's launch! Below you will find just some of the exciting things we have planned. This list will grow!

    Craftable Melee Weapons - 4 unique craftable melee weapons to defend yourself in case you lose your gun.
    Heavy Assault Rifle - Osiris players “gonna have them some fun” with this powerful high caliber weapon.
    Outdoor Chem Lab/Fabicator - Craft basic resource items on these early versions of the chemical lab and fabricator
    Landmines - Strategically place landmines to defend your base or keep them in your inventory to use as explosive traps or tactical weapons
    Functional Shower - Clean your suit and get a character buff (speed)

    Functional Desk - This will be a special “crafting table” for using your computer and decoding BLUEPRINTS. Essentially our “Deckeard Cane” from Diablo 2. When you find a clue in the world(disk, flash drive, broken laptop, etc) you’ll take it back here to decode it. It might even become a minigame. :)

    Functional Couch - Provides a character buff (stamina)

    Functional Biodome - Plant, grow and eat your hard earned food and become the greatest botanist on the planet.

    Azurnium Resource - Finally, one of the rare mineral resources can be attained, though not easily.
    Mech - We know you’ve seen it - now, the Mech will be buildable and fully functional.
    Proficiency/Skill System - Level your character and spend points specializing in skills to suit your play style.
    Keybindings - Fully customizable key bindings

    Like we said before this is just SOME of the new content that is coming. There will be new craftables, changes, updates and more. As we get closer to the release we will add to this list and continue to share all the cool stuff that will be in the game soon!

    -Osiris Team

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    Skill tree? :O!
    RPG elements me like!
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    Build 0.1.081 Patch Notes

    Hey everyone,

    Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving if you celebrate it! We’ve been hard at work on another update for the game. Below are the patch notes for the latest game build.

    Bug Fixes and Changes:
    • Fixed the flickering fog issue
    • Added UI to Private Universe Creation
    • Set Icon for each save
    • Barrel Recipes Updated (no more rubber needed)
    • Enable Hover and Flashlight Battery meters
    • Added 3 batteries to the Survival Kit
    • Change build recipe for Battery
    • Fix for private universe names
    • Polish save leaving when exiting game or returning to menu
    • Cut server side degradation to 25%
    • Double width of Flashlight frustum
    • Added suspense soundtrack mode
    • Added more combat soundtrack variations
    • Better ramp collision on Inflatable Dome
    • Added Inflatable Dome crafting to Forge
    • Added Inflatable Dome as a map target (no need to make Beacon for Inflatable Dome finding)
    • Fixed Skeliopod attack animation
    • Reduced volume on Glitch Effect
    • Reduced volume on mining hit
    • Added Player Voice reaction to spike plant damage
    • Lots of other small fixes, improvements

    New Items - functions coming soon :)
    • Crab Talon
    • Skeliopod Sack

    -Osiris Team

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    A Message From Brian McRae - Osiris Mission Status 11.30

    Hello space pioneers! It's been a little over a month since we launched Osiris: New Dawn and we couldn't be more thrilled by your excitement and feedback over our little passion project. In the past six weeks we have grown the team from 2 to 10 experienced dev bad asses, pushed over 8 updates, reworked the server backend three times, and listened and replied to as many forum posts as our waking eyes can handle! After all, the primary reason we took Osiris into Early Access is to hear from you how we can make it better, and we're giving her all we've got!

    There's a lot I want to fill you in on and since I respect your knowledge of game design I intend to speak to you as I would any member of my team and not water anything down. There's three Phases I want to discuss, so without further explanation let's get into meat of it! (didn't mean to offend if you're a vegan, or vegetarian, or just don't like hurting animals in any physical or meta physical way).

    Phase One has been solidifying the core gameplay and cleaning up the multiplayer and persistent data systems. We started by adding dramatic performance optimizations to multiplayer by culling dynamic objects such as players, aliens, droids, structures, and vehicles using a systematic proximity based region system. This optimization along with a host of shader and lighting refinements improved our frame rate from 2-3 FPS to 45-60 FPS even with a planet full of players on a relatively modern machine (Nvidia 970). A great side effect of these optimizations has allowed us to increase the number of players per planet and number of structures per planet! Further developments will theoretically allow for no hard limits in players or structures but for now we are using these limits to protect performance.

    It's not exactly "sexy" but we've also done a lot of work on the persistent data system. Hitting the top spot on Steam completely took us by surprise and we had no way to test the huge amount of pinging on the persistent server. This was totally our fault. We relied far too heavily on our web calls returning good data every time without any redundancy or time out functions. We learned our lesson and have since beefed up our server substantially while also solidifying the code in case we get partial or missing data from the server. Our next step is to ramp up the server system even further by using a cloud based infrastructure that would allow us to go from hundreds of operations per second to potentially tens of thousands per second. Basically, we won't stop until the data system is as flawless as possible.

    To expand further on player data and save game issues, we have been adding structure degradation systems to naturally erode structures and utilities in the game. We do this for a couple of reasons: first, it allows for an increase in performance if abandoned structures naturally erode and disappear over time. Secondly, this is actually realistic in a simulation sense while freeing up performance from abandoned structures.

    There’s also the very real threat of other players destroying your structures and utilities as is the nature of PVP modes. In these cases, we are sorely lacking any kind of feedback to you on what happened to your base. We are implementing destroyed versions which will free up the buildable space so that other players can build in that area but also allow you a window of time to repair your structure. There will obviously be some rule balancing of the how we handle this system but our goal is to clearly illustrate to you the condition of your structures, utilities, droids, inventory, etc., at all times so there is no confusion. It could also add to the gameplay and base defense strategy.
    Other aspects that are potentially damaging the save game system is good old-fashioned player hacking. Unfortunately there appear to be malicious players that are hacking the server calls and tampering with your data. Our next step on this front is to drastically increase our encryption protocols to hopefully eliminate this.

    Finally, some of the issues may be due to server wipes. If you happen to have not read the forums it may appear to you that we pushed an update proclaiming to “fix” the saving only for you to find out that all your stuff is gone, due to our planned server wipe. Currently we don’t have anything in game warning you of data wipes or migration which is terrible and something we’re working on right now. As the game expands and features are added much of the database calls become outdated or need to be updated, requiring the need for a server wipe or migration. One solution is to conduct weekly server maintenance at a scheduled time to replace the harshness of server wipes with ample warning before each maintenance. With luck, our goal is to have as few server wipes unless it's absolutely unavoidable.

    Getting back to the gameplay, we took a hard look at the core loop of resource gathering and made some subtle changes. The definition of a chore is to do a mundane task without any strategy or skill required, which is why chores are so "boring." Some would even argue that the definition of boring is lack of surprise and/or conflict, so we wanted to attack these assumptions head on. In Osiris you might see an aluminum rock, you run to the rock, break it, pick up the broken parts and return it to your base area, having only your limited ability to run as the only true obstacle. There's a lot wrong with this and we decided to play with this gameplay loop from a design standpoint. First, we added the element of surprise by using carefully controlled randomized drops when mining. After playing a bit you should be able to spot a pattern and get a sense of what each rock might yield, yet be randomly surprised. We also removed the task of manually picking up each rock fragment since there was not enough strategy involved. Instead, we automatically add mined minerals directly to your inventory. Only bonus and rare mineral drops, both new systems, require a manual pickup since they are generally of high value and creates an interesting sense of urgency if also facing a hostile alien or player. These bonuses and rare drops add that little bit of mystery and randomness that was sorely missing in our first attempt at mining. We also made the aliens a bit more intelligent; they can hear you mining if they're close enough and see you if you're in their line of sight, which adds a whole new immersive layer of strategy.

    Meanwhile, we've grown the team substantially from just myself and Manny to a core team of 6, with two external teams helping in everything from art creation to camera collision bring the total to 9- 12 devs working on Osiris any given day. The core team worked on Osiris in the very early stages of development over two years ago but we couldn't keep everyone on with our limited budget which forced us down to our team of two at launch. Thanks to your support and the early success of Osiris I can't even express how awesome it's been to get the band back together! It's like old times and everyone knows the project and each other, making this staff ramp up the smoothest I've ever managed in my 16 years in the industry! My philosophy is to lead leaders, and each guy on the Osiris team is a true rock star. Every member on the Osiris team has multiple years of industry experience working at or for AAA studios like Blizzard, Midway, EA, Sony, and more making the Osiris Dev Team one of the best in the industry, especially for our small size.

    With the team in place we've been hard at work designing and creating the start of what I am calling Phase 2 - Contentpalooza. We're making early game stuff like melee weapon crafting, base defenses, solar energy grids, and navigational aids. We're making mid game material like the player Class System, Proficiency System, Automated Systems, Droid/Vehicle/Spaceship crafting, and unlockable knowledge blueprints. We're also making late game material like space station modules, bioengineering, and satellite systems. Above all, we're been working on the astronomy systems: creating more planets and the ability to space travel between them. I can't wait to drop the pile of goodies we've been brewing! The first of many huge drops will be ready in just a few of weeks.
    As we move from Phase 1 to Phase 2, we will be getting far deeper into the lore of the Osiris universe. So far, and we know it's not yet apparent, the game occurs on a moon named Proteus 2 of Gliese 581B which we named "Theseus Prime". We want Osiris to be a "hard science fiction" game and have found that what actually scientifically exists in space is far more interesting and bizarre than anything we could invent, so we're basing all the planets and solar systems from scientific fact and using this information as a kick off point for life form biology. You'll learn about early UNE missions to the Gliese 581 system (we're actually working with the astrophysicists who discovered the real Gliese 581 solar system) along with what's happened back on Earth and in our solar system. You'll learn more about the Outlanders and their rise to power. You'll continue to discover more and more as we go further and further into the creation of Osiris: New Dawn.

    Our ultimate grand vision is to allow multiple paths to become a planet-faring player or colony in a persistent open universe, AKA Phase 3. Naturally, we're building the game one planet at a time, and we feel we still don't have the first one right just yet, but that's why we're working with you in Early Access. There's tons more I want to share with you but I'll save the rest for next time. For now, I invite you to jump in (or jump in again if it's been a while) and tell us how we're doing.

    Captain's Log - Earth, November 30th 2016
    McRae - out

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