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    ...sorry about the post in the other forum. Let’s cut to the chase.
    1. Are the objects in the modding mall mods or custom items?
    2. If they are mods how do they have special looks and/or abilities without crashing the server? (Basically how are they new items not found in the games assets, but not crash the server?
    3. If they are custom items, how do I make them?
    4. Is it possible to create a custom item or mod for myself without uploading it to the mall?
    5. If it is a custom item, how do I make one?

    Please note that I did read the entry on mod policies, but despite it being very in depth, I still could not find an answer to my questions.

    Sorry about the long post.
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    The modding mall is a place people can submit their creations they want to share with others.
    The items in it are just customized vanilla items not mods.
    I recommend taking a look at Starcheat (50/50 shot at working, the exe is not maintained) or Rexmeck's item editor for creating custom items.
    Also, we have a starbound modding channel on our discord full of people that would be willing to give some advice.

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