Implemented Novaskin a Character Improvements

Discussion in 'Server Feedback' started by T3chM0nK3, Jun 3, 2015.

  1. T3chM0nK3

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    "Fully backwards and multiplayer compatible
    This replaces the default assets, so the effects are immediately observable on existing characters and even folks who don't use the mod!
    But only by those who install this mod."
    More detail hear
    reason i made the thread are:
    1. i like using nova-kid there my fave race and this is a mod that improve the nova-kid race
    2. i use this mod i'm new to the server and forum i did not waned to get ban for using this mod in server
    3. i saw the lack of nova-kid mod in the mod showcase tab and
      I thought "hey i use this mod and it's a great why not recommend it"
    4. and last it will get the word around for ppl who are not aware of this mod and use the nova-kid
    :bow: have a nice day :D

    PS: i don't own neither claim ownership for this mod and if required i will get authorization and / or full support of the author
  2. Klocko

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    Mods that replace default assets or add assets that the server/other players' games won't attempt to load are completely fine to use in the server.
  3. Max Bacon

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    As it doesn't add assets to the game it's safer to add them to showcase, thanks.

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