Mysterious Transmission


Roleplay Organizer
Dec 4, 2018
All of the communication devices operating in Lux receive this message, unless they are precisely encrypted.
The voice is soft, calm, even despite the small distorting effect of the transmission, and the person talking speaks in an articulated, monotonous fashion. It might remind some of a preacher's speech pattern.

Rejoice, citizens of Port Lux!
The Old Flesh dies, and the New Flesh grows!
I am Father Volod, the messenger of the will of God.
God has been born! He is righteous! He is many and one! He is evergrowing and all-powerful!
Human, Avian, Hylotl, Apex, you are all saved. Abandon your Old Flesh, surrender your minds to the Family. Feed your Old Flesh to Him, and it shall be washed clean of its sins, preparing your rebirth.
Reach out to me. I am the Family's messenger. God's messenger. I can grant you rebirth. All you have to do is surrender.
Join us. Join the Church of Flesh. Join the Family.
Or be consumed.