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Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Muzzy, Jun 14, 2015.


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  1. Muzzy

    Muzzy Cooked Bacon

    BCash: ß 500
    Once upon a time a novakid named muzzy was born his parents died so he was raised by avians (IM GREY NOT BLUE TAKE A CLOSER LOOK IDIOTS!)
    He was fascinated by fire and he loved to play with it
    As he grew up he learned more about fire and did more things with it
    He was a pyromaniac that just set things on fire for living everyone was scared of him
    That made him very depressed because he had no friends
    Then one day he mutated he grew wings and was better at everything no one knows how this happened...
    He could jump like a flee run like a cheetah and fly like a falcon
    It was nearly impossible to kill or hurt him
    All he really wishes for is a friend to be by his side whenever he needs one...
  2. Lief

    Lief Crispy Bacon

    BCash: ß 1,700
    interesting but its a bit short and uneventuful
  3. Clarion

    Clarion Sizzling Bacon

    BCash: ß 500
    Um you do realize that novakids don't really have what you could call dna they are just made of gas, their brands is what creates the plasmic shells they may or may not be hot like a burning star just wanted you to know that so the idea of them mutating and growing wings is unlikely
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  4. Jungix

    Jungix Cooked Bacon Modder

    BCash: ß 395
    Growing wings for a novakid is impossible, not unlikely.

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