Mossbite The Overseer

Dec 22, 2018
Name: Mossbite
Sex: Male
Home: A derelict space colony
Race: Floran Synthesis Attempt #1957 [Human attempts to recreate floran lifeform from fundamentally different roots]

Mossbite was created in a lab by a solitary scientist gone rogue in the wreckage of a long lost space colony far far from its original orbital point. He doesn't know much about what led to that, as his first memories are of waking up to the dying words of his creator who merely told him that he was the 1957th attempt, that his name would be Mossbite, and that he was meant to be a leader. After jettisoning the man's remains in modestly ceremonial fashion, he found an old shuttle previously used by his creator to make supply runs and began searching for a place to fulfill his purpose. He is a somber sort, and defaults to high respect for others tempered by a stoicism that keeps people mindful of their own actions. He aspires to return to his place of birth in the space colony one day with a team of scientists better suited to deciphering the notes of his creator so as to make more of his own kind and turn the colony into a proper home.