Morph's Journal Entry #4: Pocket Dimensions 📼


Roleplay Organizer
Nov 30, 2018
Recorded: Mid - 3139

"It's been quite the year for progress. Our scientists have been steadily working on a new device that'll allow us to enter our very own pocket dimension. I really can't describe how I feel about this, because it's a mix of excitement and fear. Back in SPIRE 2, I witnessed the effects of pocket dimensional forces, first hand. One of my reoccurring demons from my past, Fil, was the target. His abilities are still a mystery to us, but we know they have something to do with other dimensions. Could have something to do with Xahn, his boss. I'm trying to find more information about the guy, but there's nothing conclusive.

Anyway, he attacked us back then, and nearly killed me in the process. Luckily, someone on our team sealed him away in a pocket dimension. One that we thought would never be breached. Until he eventually showed up multiple times, during the following years. He was broken out of it, somehow. We believe Xahn has pocket dimensional abilities, and technology. But why is this related? Because I fear that this new invention of ours will open a door for Fil, or whoever is looking for us. Even worse is, it's located atop the apartments at HQ. Not feeling too good about it, honestly.


There's also the issue of getting Hawke back. He was sealed away in a pocket dimension, after being abducted by Fil. Hopefully this new device will help find him. Until then, I'm gonna keep working on recruitment. Cenaria's been a real shit-hole lately, and I can't risk losing more people. Might even have a new special operations team soon. The guy's a bit twisted in the head, but he seems capable. Not a big fan of his color choice, though; purple just doesn't do so well with blue, but hey, it's better than nothing."