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Nov 30, 2018

(Art by 18700)

Height: 6' (1.82m)

Weight: 180lbs (81.6kg)
Race: Human

Gender: Male

  • Biological Age: 30
  • Chronological Age: 1,073
Defensive Equipment

  • His eye-patch contains nano-optic sensors that are connected to his optic nerve.
  • His bandana is cross-woven with "touch sensors" that allow him to take photos via his eye-patch (Example: Swiping his fingers across to take a photo)
  • Flash-Friar Concussion Grenade
  • SPIRE First-Aid Healing Spray
  • Wrist Blade and Blaster (Not yet developed; WIP)
Offensive Equipment

  • SPIRE S-11 Rocket Launcher (Collapsible-Telescopic); 85mm bore, launches:
  • 76mm HVAP (High-velocity armor piercing)
  • 76mm HEAT (High-explosive anti-tank)

- Roland possesses extensive knowledge in mixed martial arts. His expertise is found in his CQC (Close Quarter Combat) skill, and military combative training.

- Electricity Manipulation: Obtained from birth. His father was given a highly experimental serum, intended to give the user heightened elemental control, but the serum was unable to change the current user's genes. Instead, the serum was replicated for reproduction within his body, and thus, Roland was gifted. Though he has this ability, it is only triggered via emotional response and concentration (sorta Epigenetics). He began learning how to control his abilities at age 13, but has yet to unlock his power's full potential. Perhaps it is too unstable to reach?

- Energy Distribution: Morph's genetic abilities are highly useful and convenient, but come at a cost; focused distribution across his body. While idle, Morph's energy is evenly distributed across his body. He may choose to focus his energy elsewhere, which will result in other parts either having less or 0%, depending on how much he chooses to use. His focusing takes quite some concentration, so it'll be a bit before he can really use any attacks. When he focuses, the area at which he does, begins to crackle and spark. This does not appear at 20% or less. Keep in mind, this energy movement does not hinder his ability to contract his muscles with more power, have fast decision making, or evade quickly. Such actions require minimal amounts of energy compared to the major attacks he performs.

- Enlightenment Phase I: The Enlightenment phases are measurements of Morph's energy output, past 100% or 'overclocking'. In the first phase, Morph's peak energy performance can reach 600%, meaning each section of his body can output 120% energy, without the need to focus it. This causes his hair to glow, and turn from yellow to a more radiant electric blue. His eyes begin to brighten and his body begins to crackle and spark. Physical contact with Morph at this stage, would certainly electrocute whoever or whatever.

- Enlightenment Phase II: Getting to phase 1 is only possible if Morph suffers from extreme physical or emotional trauma, or is energized by an external source. Phase 2 has a similar approach, however, the energy is from an internal source. Once Morph has reached 600%, he can either try to stop himself, be stopped by way of incapacitation, or overclock once more, putting his output over 600%. If he chooses the latter, he has sealed his fate. Passing the threshold of 1000%, Morph's body begins to vibrate intensely, while also producing a glow. His atoms are moving so quickly, that they're producing heat and light. Once his body glows, that indicates the point of no return. He is still able to fight, and deliver massive amounts of damage. He can freely travel circuits and power lines through the currents and reassemble into his human form.

- Enlightenment Phase III: Morph's body has now reached a point that it can no longer biologically contain itself, even if he has abilities. Reaching an output of 2000%, Morph's body flashes brightly, brighter than the Sun. Within a flash of light, his body dissipates into pure energy.


  • Roland is typically a friendly person to talk to. He isn't one to pull a gun on someone when he's angry.
  • Roland is happily married to his beautiful wife Heather.
  • Roland has had several children, but some have left and some have tragically died. A couple remain.
  • Roland was born in the year 1967, on Earth. He left Earth in 1987, when he and his best friend Markus snuck aboard an interdimensional vessel known as The Manifest. The vessel was only meters above their city of Claireville, intent on finding them for not yet known reasons. The pilot of this vessel was named Fil, a strange being not of this world. They stowed away, thinking they could ambush the invader by surprising him on his ship. In doing so, they found themselves locked away inside cryogenic chambers, where they wouldn't awake for hundreds and hundreds of years.
  • Roland is the leader of the faction known as SPIRE.
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