Answered Mind telling me why i'm being kicked for inactivity, When i've been on the server for 10 seconds.

Discussion in 'General Server Help' started by KillTech, Sep 9, 2018.

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    Kind of irritating, I join the server and start gathering mats to build on my ship. Only been on the server for 10 seconds and i get kicked for inactivity.
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    Post #2 by Theta-ChaosDeity, Sep 9, 2018 (6 points)
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    That just means the server is lagging. At that point, it's either people are lagging the server or the server needs to be restarted.
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    You pose a threat to the server. It's unfamiliar with your scent and in turn, resorted to one of its most effective defense tactics.. disconnection.. cover yourself in furry urine and approach the server once more, slowly and carefully, before donating a small sum of $15. Only then, will you stand a chance in this cruel world.

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