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Dec 14, 2018
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Name: (??) / ( Referred to as "Subject: 065" ),

Lore/ Back Story (The Lost child) :

A black mist filled the mountain side as the scene fades to a small group of people. Whom are adorned in golden jewelry and chanting around what appears to be a sacrificial table. At the center is a man, adorned more with gold and encrusted in his chest is a symbol of the moon. Over shadowed by the crowd you could barely see, a woman in her 20's chained to the feet sobbing and crying.

Unknown voice: "May the Blessed is he, grant us our wish from this sacrifice; rejoice my brothers and sisters, Rejoice!" *Distant chanting followed by a faint scream of a woman*

Woman: "No!, please *sobs* please, Stop this.... Give me back my baby!!" (She runs towards the altar, but ultimately failing as she trips over her chains head first towards the ground)
*a sound of ringing could be heard from her ears*

She crawls trying to enter the ring of people circling around a crying child, the leader places the infant which appears to be no older than 3 months.

Crowd of People: "Great one, we give you this humble sacrifice!, so you may bless us with the gift *slight pause* Of eternal youth!"

*The mountain filled with cries of help, sorrow, unification* *Loud Screeches; *faintly you hear* "It has opened..."

*wakes up* starts sweating

*tears cascade down his eyes like a waterfall* "it's that dream again..." talking to himself".. *wiping off his tears*


Gender: Male

Race: Human

Height: 5 ft 4

Other description: Skinny built & Long Hair.

Anomalous Abilities:
(Unique Passive): whenever 065 uses his Anomalous Abilities his mental health decreases, when it reaches 0/10 he becomes unconscious and unable to fight, takes 10 mins. in real life before he can wake up. He can regain sanity by meditation, music or sleep. Only way for him to regain sanity during combat is by potions, other methods do not work in combat.

Mind Sedation (Passive Ability): People around him generally feel more relaxed and calm, this includes animals. Does not affect those with higher power.

Shadow's grip (Ability): Grasping the power of the abyss, he channels the might of the shadow realm allowing him to lift people into the air. (Does not work on higher beings that can rival gods). (-2 Sanity )

More than dreams (Ability): Can will anything he desires into existence (with the exception of god items & can only create things that he has seen and held). This ability takes a toll on his health ( -1 Sanity )

Rebirth (Passive Ability): "Upon death shall we know how blessed are we", Corpse turns to ashes sending him back to the great cycle; where he gets reborn, losing all of his memories. Old memories become but a faded past. ( Takes 2 weeks to reborn ).

Soul Touch (Passive Ability): When touching an item with involved with murder, 065 faints into the dream world allowing him to see the events leading to the death. (-1 Sanity)


Phone: Used for making calls or taking selfies/ screenshots. (screenshots that can be used as evidence In character)

Tracking Device (Attached in his skull): Does not know his still being watched. (Upon death the device is taken out with other methods)


Character Music & Inspirations:
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