Melm (by Melm)

Dec 9, 2018

Name: Melmolangolis, A.K.A Melm.

Age: "aye mate, ain't got 'ta clue"

Weight: "ain't none ya business mate.."

Race: "eh those.." *snaps his fingers trying to think* "NOVAPLEBS! that's it! yeah let's go with that"

Gender: "If you look hard enough, you'll find what your look for mate"

Weapons: "Well mate, got me fist'e cufts, and me...." *slowly finger guns* "these, yeah... betcha scared mate"

Equipment: *swankily adjust his collar* "got me shirt, don't know where I got it, how I got, what the 'ell it's made of or whether it actually exists. But I can do this" *slowly pulls out a range of drinks from his inner shirt pocket including but not limited to Sangria de le'mon, Rum, a small bottle of whiskey, a long island in it's entirety, a milkshake, a sake cup filled to the brim, a stalk of corn, a mug fulla Grog, a Shirley time pint, and a ice chilled cosmos with even more possibilities.

History: "I woke up one day in a bar, let me tell you mate, felt great actually. T'was a bit hazy but otherwise relaxed. and bartender asks me as I raise me head, saying "lad, watch where you point that fecking thing" "he says, let met tell you pokes me right on the brand, feckin hurts like 'ell as the mate asks me "so how long you gonna stay ya Melm" as he slowly pushes me outta there. and that was last Tueaday, ah what a day"-"oh also, somehow found a degree for "Classic History" or some jazz like that when I found it in between me legs one day"

Apearence: "Not half bad looking, lovely brand, triangular prism, 87.3252 centimeters(2.865 ft) length, 28.956 centimeters(0.95 ft) width and 21.3 centimeters(0.69 ft) tall. Just incase any lasses or mates out there wondering" *winks somehow* "Any-who I got's me a lovely spiked back dew corona.... what some call a lack of pants, but I call "painted on" and the bobbies call "feckin disgraceful. yet enticing?" "otherwise I look how 'ver I wish, nobody gonna stop me either way."

Abilities: "well uhmmm... hmm.. gimme a minute mate.." *snaps his fingers* "nope got it, never mind. got me a special skill beyond that of even masters of tai kwan do, partial arts, and yoga," *his brand would extend to an extraneous length that would seemingly defy conventionality and any common sense* "I think I've made my point mate"

other things: "damn do I love cake, I may barely have a sense of taste but even so I still frigging love it, specially lemon chiffon; taste fabulous."

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