Makeing Special Weapons For The Comunity

Discussion in 'General Server Discussion' started by BlueYoshi68, Apr 17, 2015.

  1. BlueYoshi68

    BlueYoshi68 Greasy Bacon

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    Im BlueYoshi, i have recently started making special weapons like a pistol that shoots shock waves and an Ak that shoots fireballs. and i have decided to start making them for you!

    if you want me to make one for you please leave a comment saying what you want it to do!
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  2. Max Bacon

    Max Bacon Tasty Owner Bacon Chief RP Manager Tasty Club

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    Have fun <3
  3. Lief

    Lief Crispy Bacon

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    Could you make a rapier for me?
  4. Hoodedspade

    Hoodedspade Cooked Bacon Protector

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    a hunting knife but with a rainbow skin kinda like the rainbow sword i will also need to be able to copy it since i want to give them out to my fleet
  5. Goodfeathers

    Goodfeathers Cooked Bacon Avian Master Race

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    I've already tried requesting this from a few people, but

    A throwable tomato that collides with players and makes a SPLAT sound/graphic of some sort. Maybe also turns them red like a paint gun? Thanks for considering.
  6. Obsi

    Obsi Greasy Bacon

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    I would love to have a dark blade that has burning particLes! If not then just the sword will be fine.
  7. DarkFlow

    DarkFlow Sizzling Bacon

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    A Fire portal wand what shoots these spears what i made?

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  8. micmou

    micmou Greasy Bacon

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    I have been attempting this for a few months off and on to no avail. A magnorb that the Orbs are replaced with deep purple Erchius crystals. And the orbs are modified to be 7 of them and at there farthest distance from the player release sol katana projectiles. And maybe a larger shield area like 180 or 270 degrees instead of a wall.

    Not sure if all this is really even possible but I saw that someone created a Full death beam weapon on reddit... So at this point I think there isnt alot that isnt possible.

    EDIT: Ohh crap I just realized that this was Necro'd by the previous guy... That is what I get for browsing at 1 in the morning
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  9. Earthquake

    Earthquake Sizzling Bacon Official ILB RP

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    XDDDD *bumps this so everyone can see your post*
    But anyways, there's a magnorb with shuriken projectiles in the mall somewhere, that's a start.
  10. OmegaRobs826

    OmegaRobs826 Tasty Club Cooked Bacon Blue Bloods

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    An AOE blast effect that puts the time freeze debuff on those in the blast radius, like a ZA WARUDO
  11. micmou

    micmou Greasy Bacon

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    Lel at first I thought you were a new guy then I looked closer that profile pic xD

    Anyway the biggest issue is figuring out what parameters can be used and that unless I am going at this wrong?
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