Make the spawn area a bit bigger?

Discussion in 'Server Feedback' started by Varonis, Feb 18, 2015.

  1. Varonis

    Varonis Greasy Bacon

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    It's nice and all ass of now, but it seems a little small for a RP server. Maybe add in small hotel type area or a bar? Would be a small add but it would go a long way.
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  2. Derek Love

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    Well, the staff can't do much now since everyone is out at Skywings house, desperately fighting off the hackers and DDOS attacks, plus maintaining stability. Guess they could make the builders do it though!
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  3. gbrilleCraft

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    Actualy if you want im working on a city for improve the server RP, accessibility to socials zones and life! Your ideas of hotel and bar look really good and i may add them on the project. Have a good day! PS: Bacon will survive the angry hackers kids!!!
  4. Max Bacon

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    SB2 will have a spawn that is the ENTIRE planet soon enough. Will be the ideal place for RP, remember SB2 is a server with less players so better do parties to enter it already, so you can RP. <3

    However, for protection of our players reasons, SB1 spawn will remain like this.
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  5. Derek Love

    Derek Love Cooked Bacon

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    Yeeeeeees! Problem is, I'm too lazy to look at the IP. I'll sit on my butt while I wait for someone to tell me it for nine hours, and decide whether I should be more productive with my life.
  6. Pietro1

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    There is also something nice coming to sb2 when it's finished. Just waiting on Unxie to get back and Max Bacon to take a look and give his look on the place. :cool:
  7. Lachee

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    Moved to Server Suggestions
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