Dec 2, 2018
Preface: So apparently, when the old forums died, so did all my character sheets. Hooray, now I get to rewrite everything. FML, why did I not save it in a text document? I'm probably stupid, that's why. Anyway, metagamers and curious people in general, rejoice. I re-introduce to you Mailith's updated sheet.

Name: Mailith / ?

Species: Gheist / Slime

Age: ? / 30

Height: Varies

Gender: If you can figure out, I'll give you a medal. Just treat it like a female to avoid confusion, I guess.

Weight: ~70 kg, can be less or depending on other factors such as hydration or missing limbs.

Appearence: If they are adopting something else's shape, they will look like them, but darker and as if they were covered in a purple membrane of some sort. Otherwise, they look like a sludge monster from the waist down. Waist up, they seem to take a female body shape with just one big yellow eye, long "hair" and a varied array of limbs. More often than not, they'll only form two tentacles as "arms", but those can also take the shape of wings or other useful tools. I was lucky to get some art of her yesterday, so here's some help to your imagination (that + the radio portrait grossly scaled up):
Edit: thanks a lot to Sixie and DS the second for drawing her, it's just adorable!

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Mailith without the geist merged with her, untainted (left) next to how she looks when she's fused with her geist (right). Spooky.

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Mailith, contrary to what could look to a non informed observer, is not just a single entity, but two. It's the result of the fusion achieved by a gheist and a demonic slime a while back, with the common objective of survival. It can be thought of as a symbiotic survival strategy, where the prime objective is insect killing in order to consume both their bodies (to mantain the slime's organics going) and souls (to keep the gheist going). From what she can remember, they both come from a very far away planet, inhabited by creatures very similar to demons. When questioned about her species or appearence, she will usually reply that she is a demon too, when in reality she just copied the looks of one she saw a long time ago. They also happen to have a terrible memory due to the tendency they have of getting dismembered, which mostly hurts the physical host, so do not be surprised if this character suddenly forgets yours after they lost an arm.

Mailith has no clear objective in life. She goes with the flow, always trying to take advantage of others in some way that can benefit her. She does not really care about anything other than eating three or more meals a day, but she is naive and likely to get attached to people who are good towards her.


This magically combined duo works together in the most fascinating way. They will devour large ammounts of sweets and water that will then be processed into simple sugar (fructose), citric acid and other organic components necessary for the slime half to obtain energy. The simple sugars will then be excreted through the skin in a slippery and viscous sweat, together with some sweet scents (of whatever sweet it is that she ate) in order to attract insects, which will then try to eat the sugar from her and get stuck in the droplets, just to be absorbed and processed for proteins and souls. As a secondary effect of this, the "meat" of this being feels like very weird jello, sweet on the outside due to its secretions, but bitter like bugs on the inside.

Its biological structure is also very simple, and can be compared to a multicellular amoeba. A nervous system on the level of that of a jellyfish operates everything in a complex manner thanks to the aid of the gheist, that is also responsible for organizing the shape and the colors it displays. There is four main "organs" that can be observed:

- Core: It is actually what looks like an eye in her head. It is the center of the nervous system of the slime, and what serves as a link with the gheist. It is completely fireproof and can resist very low temperatures. However, it is frail, and will shatter like a rock if enough impact force is applied.

- Slime tissue: Everything that is not the core or the outer layers of the slime. The cells this tissue is made up of can communicate between them and could be counted as a single organism on their own. Each one of these cells can eat, move, and change consistency independently, and can tell nearby cells orders that come from the core. This tissue is usually gelatinous, but by regulating the content of water in the cells, it can become as hard as hard candy (that shit can do some nasty cuts, seriously). Embedded among the slime cells are chromatophores, which can change their color to a certain extent (look it up, actually exists irl, it's like pigment RGB). It enables the color shift present when shape shifting. Needless to say, it also serves the purpose of mitigating any impacts directed to the core. Extremely flammable, and propense to freezing. Weak to cuts, strong against impact.

- Slime membrane: It's a very resistant and ellastic purple tissue that has no chromatophores (the purple outline on the sprite). It regenerates extremely fas, and it's covered in glands that excrete that viscous sweat that not only aid them in hunting their desired prey, but also aid them in their movements, as they drag their body all over the place. The main function is to keep the slime tissue inside without spilling out. Extremely flammable, weak to cuts. Very resistant to acid.

- Sacs: These are slime membrane cavities inside the slime tissue filled with either air or food that's being digested. Occasionally, she may store items in these. Clever usage of sacs during the years combined with shape shifting, has allowed Mailith to emulate humanoid speech (by creating fake lungs within her body).

Worth mentioning that any biology scans or analysis will only pick up on the slime part of Mailith, as the Gheist does not have any biological properties whatsoever.


- Shape shifting in general. This includes a limited color change, creation of additional limbs and removal of others. It is limited to copying the appearence of something (no abilites or techniques), and she can also not copy things much bigger than herself (not enough materials). Talented as she is, she probably will also imitate voices, but her accent will remain unaltered.

- Hardening: She can make some of her parts hard as hard candy by removing water from certain cells. This allows her to defend herself agains unarmored targets with sharp tentacle tips or whatever she thinks is required. The parts she hardens will be weak to shattering and are just not very good at hurting things.

- Hydration size: An excess of water will make her grow. Despite this making her bigger and heavier, it also makes her slower and dumber. In the same way, heat makes her shrink, which achieves the opposite effect.

- Semi-liquid fighting: Due to her body, and despite her being an extremely weak attacker, she can be a threat due to her ability to stick and envelop her opponents. In an emergency situation of life or death, Mailith will try to drown her opponent by entering their lungs or blocking their respiratory organs trough any openings they may find. If she is particularly furious, she will also use hardening inside the enemy's body to rupture their organs and make them suffer severe internal bleeding. This also implies that physical attacks will have less effect than they would on something more solid and makes things like drains perfect escape routes for her.

If you ever want to fight this character, it is recommended that you do it from range (guns can easily pierce her), with fire or low temperature items (as these essentially guarantee you a victory) or that you use a hermetic armor suit to prevent her from drowning you. However, it is very likely that Mailith will escape if she sees no chance of winning, and she also dislikes fighting in the first place.


- Mailith is passive, but not 100% peaceful. If provoked and threatened, she will fight back as a last resort.

- The color of the slime tissue is yellow when it moves and the chromatophores are not active. This can only be seen in her mouth, when she speaks, or when she creates other openings inside her body to store food or items. Otherwise, it will look black from the outside.

- She will take bribes. Specially if the bribes are food.

- Her eyesight is not the best, but she manages.

- She likes playing pranks on people, to the dismay of everyone in her proximity.

- Has a peculiar sense of humor.

- Has a warped perception of what's good and what's evil.

- She has lots of trouble trying to wear clothes, specially if they are not made of plastic or metal.

- A split body part can keep living if fed. With enough time, it will grow, but won't achieve an organized level unless a core is provided.


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