"MagicRP Guide" but DS stole the title

Dec 2, 2018

Hello everyone. This is Goern. After a long absense due to... events, I am legally required by Fairy Land law to do community service, and thus I will teach basic baby knowledge so this can be taken care of quickly. I have THINGS to do... Oh well.
A long time ago, many things occured in the universe. Immortals were given back their sight, lifeless lumps became home to millions, and both saw quick and painless heat-deaths. Throughout the galaxies however, the basic to chemistry and life as we know gave kind to otherworldly powers as common as the wind on your back.

Along magic, certain rules, patterns and 'formulas' are a near-constant to follow. Applying both logistic organization and the scientific method to categorizing it all applies to the "Omnia" method to both learning and understanding magic as it flows. The chart is simplied to 2 factors, the faded outline and the colored pathways. The outlines are the referred to as "Forms", as the pathways are "Aspects." More on this later on...
Amung its most basic principles, the chart above puts all the easy knowledge to the formulas into a visual aid, promptly named as "The Omnia" or just "Omnia Beta." The triangle form to it is a symbol of electrical charge to the 'aspects' strewn about said chart. Aspects closer to the point as positive, having less mental charge but more physical charge. Aspects closer to the base are negative, having less physical charge but more mental charge. "Mental and Physical" apply to the tangible ability to an aspect or artificial mana pool's location. This term can be used alongside "Fast and Slow", as the charge also affects its "Metamorphic" rate to the magic, or a.k.a. how fast or well it affects to outside stimuli, such as mixing magics or combat utility. The circle symbolizes "Potential", or the charge of how it can heal or damage. The west end with Vitus goes on to heal the farther it goes, and vice-versa with the east.
Heres the poster I keep at home to remember the basics, download and print it if need be.
Term Syllabus:
Ignis: Fire magic. Burning Heat, Fast change, anger. Terra: Rock magic. Stone, strong bond, happy. Aer: Wind magic. Air Temperature, movement speed, peace.
Aqua: Aquatic magic. High tides, strong soak, gloom. Vitus: "Good" Magic. Holy light, anti-evil, pride. Malus: "Bad" Magic. The Undead, anti-good, insanity.
Magmus: Lava magic. Explosions, molten blast, pizza rolls. Victus: Life magic. Living creatures, fairies, asmr. Scinta: Lightning magic. electricity, big zap, Emp Palp.
Daemo: Demon magic. The Unholy, voodoo, femenists. Sanir: Healing magic. Buffs, health potions, soda. Toxis: anti-healing. Poison, debuffs, venom.
Aether: Angel magic. Angels, clerics, yggdrasil. Tempus: Weather magic: rain, snow, hail. Nihil: nothing.
While more rules and regulations on magic exist, and more combinations of 'tertiary' aspects, those can be documented in a later article. This is all for now, and thank you for reading. Have a swell night.
~Goern Grandus