"MagicRP Guide" but DS stole the title Pt. 4

Dec 2, 2018
Goern again. I have a lot of ground to cover before the Capital will consider me pardon. Lets get it over with...
Utilizing aspect combination and using in practice. Lets go into that...

In history, magic is a constant. It is a force both unexplainable and masterable to your very whim. But Magic was whims too, magic is alive.
You'll hear the reason why in a lot of different ways, some different than the "Omnia" method I was raised with. But those are all based on faiths, as nobody really knows what happened before the big bang. In the Omnia, each base element was a god, but more than a God ever was. They were pure...

They're all considered dead now, their spirits so immense they each as individuals still uphold their respective name and aspect they created. Mana is the base measurement of both magic and aspects, and a Mana pool is how much magical essence or mana a singular entity of physical or near-physical mass can carry. While a lamp or a bust have similar mana pools (near nothing), the electro-chemical state that we consider a "Soul" actually majorly affects the base statistic of a mana pool's size. Smart brains mean more easily assessible mana to use, and those smarter figure out how to utilize it physically. But WHERE to start?!...

The first lesson to understand is aspectual studies. Knowing what element comes from what and what causes what. The Omnia Beta and what it symbolizes connects to this. Mixing isn't just a shake and stir situation, and let me show why visually.


The example visual aid is explaining mixture methods between Aqua (blue) and Vitus (yellow) in creating Sanir (lime.) The Aspect that is first present into the mixing environment, whether it be a cauldron, a chakra mat, or single bottles, will affect the end resulting charge. Aqua is higher on the triangle than Vitus, thus adding Vitus to Aqua results in a positive Sanir. In contrary, Aqua to Vitus creates a negative Sanir. Neither Sanir is better than the other, as each have both downsides and uses to them. There are many ways to mix mana, and the shown middleman is a Phobic mixture. A heterogenous method is having Vitus and Aqua in the same location without them mixing. This is caused by high centrifugal forces, such as a Spinning Cauldron or simple violent shaking of bottles that prevents the inntial fusion of aspects.

Practical uses to this knowledge vary. But we will stick to the bottle philosophy in these tutorials to keep a trend of familiarity.
For bottle use to mixing manas, it can immediately affect the bottle, such as...
Sanir + bottle: When immediately consumed, gives a regen effect to any mana pool familiar to Sanir, such as healers needing Mana Regen.
Sanir - bottle: Negative charge means more immediate power, consuming gives an instant refill to Mana pools knowing Sanir, like a Mana Fill.
Sanir Phobic bottle: Will refill AND regen both Vitus magics and Aqua magics simultaniously, if needed. no Sanir effects.

Granted, all three bottles don't actually heal you, as they are only Sanir magic, and not a spell or potion.
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