"MagicRP Guide" but DS stole the title Pt. 3

Dec 2, 2018
Further combinations to base aspects going into tertiary level. Tertiary being Base being mixed with Secondary.
The farther you mix, the less it is able to accurate distinguish the core elements of the aspect by its "color", so the texts are left blankly white and simpler words to describe their alignment.
Tertiary magics aswell, due to their mixture counts, have instalibities to them. A comparison could be periodic elements, where higher densities start going to "existed for like, 2 whole seconds" territory of stability. Magic itself can only aid this so much, and such percentages are given to tertiary elements to display their strength, which is dictated by how close it is to its mother aspect.

IGNIS x DAEMO: Demons (Native spawn of the infernal realms) 50%
IGNIS x SCINTA: Plasma (Violent bright-ass goo and energy ki blasts) 50%
IGNIS x SANIR: Blessed Flame (Flames that repair and heal instead) 25%
IGNIS x TOXIS: Cursed Flame (Flames so malicious water stops working) 10%
IGNIS x NIHIL: Heat (Yeah.) 100%
IGNIS x MAGMUS: Polynesian Flame (Maui is pleased with your virgins...) 50%
IGNIS x TEMPUS: Fog Flurry (The hottest day leaves a misty morrow...) 15%
IGNIS x AETHER: Holy Flame (Burn the heretic!) 25%
IGNIS x VICTUS: Amphibians (The salamander crawls from the embers) 5%

AQUA x DAEMO: Eldritch (Out of the sea, our Father came to claim what was already his.) 10%
AQUA x SCINTA: Hyperaquamancy (The most powerful form of water magic known.) 10%
AQUA x SANIR: Contact-Healing (Grab n Grow Mk. 12) 50%
AQUA x TOXIS: Acid (Please don't make me call it "pain soap") 10%
AQUA x NIHIL: Moisture (lenny face) 100%
AQUA x MAGMUS: Obsidian Geomancy (Cavemen would be proud of you.) 25%
AQUA x TEMPUS: Downpour (Rain rain go away but in reverse) 50%
AQUA x AETHER: Mermaid Magic (various horse neighs) 25%
AQUA x VICTUS: Fish (We came from it, and the smartest chose to stay.) 50%

TERRA x DAEMO: Goblins (Born in mud, die in mud.) 25%
TERRA x SCINTA: Biomemancy (Violently effective Earth bending...) 10%
TERRA x SANIR: AOE Healing (Come stand here to heal!) 25%
TERRA x TOXIS: Radiation (Grug-grook don't go near cursed cave, ooga) 50%
TERRA x NIHIL: Decay (You return to the soil. We all do.) 100%
TERRA x MAGMUS: Lavamancy (Probably makes really good roast pork.) 50%
TERRA x TEMPUS: Mudslides (Third world country tradition) 10%
TERRA x AETHER: Gnomes (I fucking hate gnomes.) 10%
TERRA x VICTUS: Lizards (They ruled the Earth. They'll be back.) 50%

AER x DAEMO: Airborn evils (From Succubi to gargoyles, they'll get the high ground.) 10%
AER x SCINTA: Static (Make ya hair stand n shit) 50%
AER x SANIR: Long-range healing (Y-you can fight, I'll b-be over here!...) 25%
AER x TOXIS: Air-Pollution (Hold your breath.) 25%
AER x MAGMUS: Smogbreather (Smokings bad for you, kids.) 10%
AER x TEMPUS: Tornado (The wind only grows stronger in this valley.) 50%
AER x AETHER: Fairies (Bippity boppity Bitch) 50%
AER x VICTUS: Birds. (Chirp chirp.) 10%

VITUS x DAEMO: Reborn (Demons who ran all outa demoning) 10%
VITUS x SANIR: Passive Healing (Jokes on you, I have a healing factor.) 50%
VITUS x TOXIS: Ichor (peepee and poopoo wizard) 10%
VITUS x NIHIL: Sunlight (Even the ancient scholars don't understand this one.) 100%
VITUS x MAGMUS: Explosions (tick. tick. tick. tick.) 10%
VITUS x TEMPUS: Snow (Snow, as beautiful as it is deadly.) 25%
VITUS x AETHER: Angels (The christian belief were mere cattle to the shepherd.) 50%
VITUS x VICTUS: Mammals (Gods chosen people. Also making milk is hot.) 25%

MALUS x DAEMO: Voidlings (Those who bump in the night.) 50%
MALUS x SCINTA: Viruses (Glitch beware, you're in for a 5C4R3!) 10%
MALUS x SANIR: Demon Healthcare ("IT HURTS!" "That means its working~") 10%
MALUS x TOXIS: Poisons and Venoms (Oh Romeo, Oh Romeo...) 50%
MALUS x NIHIL: Chakra (Magic without magic, the jewiest of mind tricks) 100%
MALUS x MAGMUS: Destruction (The gods were not pleased.) 25%
MALUS x TEMPUS: Chaos from the sky (Its raining cats and dogs aND THEY ALL HAVE RABIES) 25%
MALUS x VICTUS: Insects (They'll consume us all. We're outnumbered.) 10%

(Editor's Note: Percentages also apply to trying to create these. As some occur naturally, mixing 100 units of one aspect with another will only made said percentage of it, the rest disapating into the universe as unaligned mana. It is possible to gain 100 of the tertiary element for use but that requires sensibly more resources to reach.)
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