Lore: Unknown Laptop

Dec 14, 2018
Backstory for character name, "Subject: 065"
The past that should have stayed forgotten,

*You find a laptop scavanging through the forums, you open it, "Password"* ((You look around the laptop for clues, attached to the screen is a note, with the numbers "065"
you type it in ((the laptop opens))*

*system startup*
"Welcome, User"

*you open the files, two important files pop up, Location and Test Subject Personal Information*

Access Granted
Welcome: Subject_065?¿
Security protocol initiated: Case number 10 ((caught a low class personnel trying to access higher data))
[Access Denied]

Test Subject Personal Information: [Experimental purpose: "Cursed Children of the isles"]
[Sector 6: Subjects 60 - 69]: "All subjects are required to wear masks for the safety of all higher personnel"

Test Subject 60:
Code name: "The shell"
Description: Test Subject 60 was originally a higher class personnel until he came into contact with the abyss, draining his soul leaving a hollow husk. Subject 60, could till perform basic tasks (i.e eating, sleeping etc.) However is unable to form any method of communication, most of the time 60, would stand still not moving. It is also worth noting that when threatened, test subject would emit insects out of his hollowed eyes and mouth and a screeching sound can be heard emitting from the holes. It is unknown if he could still feel emotions but it is safe to keep Subject: 60 in quarantine at all times.
Gender: Male
Age: 30
Body Build: Strong
Height: 6 ft 5
Current Status: Quarantined
[Data Restricted, requires Admin to access more information]

Test Subject 61: [Deceased] [Data Deleted]

Test Subject 62: [Deceased] [Data Deleted]

Test Subject 63:
Code name: "The Horned Bull"
Description: Test Subject 63 was found by the facility in a rural province, he stole one of our artifacts cursing himself, the artifact bonded with his body in the form of horns. Test Subject 63 can emit a strong presence when nearby, causing small entities to flee and cower, he could also increase his strength at will, can carry 10 times his own weight. Occasionally test 63 would be found talking to himself during sleeping hours, it is unsure who he is talking to.
Current Status: Missing
[Data restricted, requires Admin to access more information]

Test Subject 64: [Deceased] [Data Deleted]

Test Subject 65: [Data Corrupted] [Attempting to access file]
Code Name: "The Lost Child"
Description: Was found by the facility in a remote jungle near [Not found], He was found in an altar surrounded by multiple dead corpses, It was assumed that 065 was part of some cult sacrifice that went horribly wrong. Test Subject 65 have the abilities to [Data Not found].
Current Status: Missing
[Data Not found]

Test Subject 66: [Deceased] [Data Deleted]

Test Subject 67:
Code Name: "The Wanderer"
Description: Jumps from dimension to dimension at will
[Data Denied requires Admin command]

Test Subject 68: [Deceased] [Data Deleted]

Test Subject 69: [Data Deleted] [Found 1 file regarding Test Subject 69]:
*you open the file* *You find a note, it reads* "I don't know why I'm writing this, I'm sorry we could't save you. I'm so sorry." *file ends*

*After reading through all the Data* System Anomaly detected... Initiating protocol Alzheimer ((Data Deletion complete)) __ *The screen turns blank leaving only 1 word behind*

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