Lore: The Escape - Part 1.

Dec 14, 2018
Escaping the Nightmares

Chapter 1. Routine
You see a sea of black water with hands trying to pull you under, you scream but no words come out, only, smoke. You try to swim but fail and as your vision blur.

*loud siren noises, could be heard a mile away wakes you up, You hear the words:

Guard 01: "WAKE UP!! you worthless pile of garbage"

You wake up, tired, It's hard falling asleep already with all the nightmares and now this. You think to yourself (I have no time for this) but you have no other choice. A fate far worse awaits you disrespecting a higher personnel. Sluggish you attempt to stand, the moment you step foot bare foot on the cold floors, your mind flashes red & you are caught in a nightmarish day dream.

[Mind Vision]: *The sky, dimly red surrounded by an ocean of tall grass awaits you, towards the center is a tree* *walks towards the small tree no bigger than yourself*

(Loud noises can be heard from the distance) :"AHHHHHHHHH!!"

You turn around and you find a screaming man running towards you, but he has no eyes, no mouth, no ears, no nose, you wonder how his able to make such a noise... Not a second pass you make a run for it, heart beating faster than a drum (DUM!, DUM!, DUM!) Your heart racing as the figure multiplies and the noise grows louder, now there's hundreds of them. (Screech: AHHHHHHHHH!), you keep running and running and running, the noise only growing louder and louder until you can no longer hear screams but record scratches and ringing in your ears. *Screeeeeeeech*

Guard 01: "SUBJECT 065!!, *the guard slaps you with the force of a steel truck*
*your ears start ringing*
Guard 01: "SUBJECT 065!!, How many times must we do this every single morning", "when will you learn boy"
*He slaps you again, with more pain from the earlier one*

You remain silent: "..."

Guard spits at your collapsed body
Guard 01: "whatever, get up and eat or rot in their like the animal that you are"

Like a fresh corpse you lay on the floor in pain, thinking about what you saw, ignoring the pain as you dealt with it ever since you got to the facility, it becomes normal and numbing to you.

You try your best not to faint as sleeping would cause you to see the nightmares again.
*Limping, you make your way to the cafeteria with the rest of the 10 Test subjects*
((Your 1 of the 10 batch of subjects tested by the facility assigned with the number 6, You are unsure how many share similar fate to you and the other 9, but one thing is for sure. You are not the first nor the last))

Chapter 2: The Cafeteria
You leave your small pact room that felt like a chicken coop, anyone with claustrophobia would not last even a second in the room. But to you its the only place you have. Outside the room is a narrow hallway, the other subjects apart from 060 and you have already headed towards the cafeteria
Everyone always try to avoid 060, the mere sight of him brings horror to everyone, eyeless holes, and a gaping mouth that insects come out of. Its a miracle how his even alive. But to you, his your one friend you can talk to, even if he doesn't speak you know he listens.

Subject 065: "Not hungry huh?,

Subject: 060: *Insect buzz* A small bee no bigger than a thumbtack flies out of his mouth*

Subject 065: ".. "

You nod at 060 signaling your leave and make your way to the cafeteria.
((The cafeteria is a bigger room to move in, with 5 tables for you and the 9 other subjects and 1 special table for the guards that appears more cleaner))
You see all 9 other test subjects eating the same pile of goop that gets served everyday, and two tables away you see the guards that torment your waking life. How you wish you could escape this reality that you live in. ((You see them eating fried chicken, served with mashed potatoes and gravy with a side of steamed vegetables))
Trying to ignore the fact they get served better meals, you make your way to the counter to get your "Breakfast",
You offered your tray and gets slammed on with a mysterious pile of brown/green blob *you take a deep breath and imminently regret it as the smell was more horrific than the appearance."

Chef: "What are you looking at, get eating, unless you want me to take it from you"

*stomach growls"

Chef: "thought so"

Not having to eat any dinner due to the incident last night, you gladly accept the meal and make your way to a table, you sit beside 061 and 062.
((Subject 061 & 062 are twins that share the same thoughts as if they were a hive mind, they are never apart from each other. 061 & 062 have the ability to make anyone they want do their bidding, the only drawback is it requires them to be touching.. *You glance at them and see a barrier separating the two* Its is unknown if they are on being or two separate entities as they always speak in unison))

Subject 061 & 062: "your up early"

Subject 065: "I guess i am, *you glance around the area* so are we gonna do it today"

(They nod in agreement) , *and you feel an anxious feeling of fear... and a little bit of; hope.

Chapter 3: Plans and Problems
With the preparations done beforehand the time had come to finally be free'ed from the torments and fears. ((The plan goes as follows: During 12:00 Noon which is the testing hours, we are allowed to go outside and freely use our "flaws". During that time half us are inside waiting for our turn to head outdoors, outdoors filled with a strange material that prevents even Subject 067 from teleportation. So we need to shut off the power grid before we could make our escape))

(( To be continued ))
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Dec 14, 2018
A bit unfinished, will work more on refining the lore. Thanks for reading this if you made it this far. <3