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Port Lux, like a shining blue jewel of the ocean, is home to a vast number of sights, from the sandy beaches to the endless oceans to the breathtaking sunsets.
The creation of Port Lux was realised by one Gib Saxon, who had taken ownership over the land after making a business deal with the Hylotl and Avian natives who had prior rights to land.

But as such, Port Lux, while envisioned as a blue jewel of the ocean, may exhibit its own flaws, like a diamond hewn with dull scratchings and markings.

-=The Shrine=-
The Shrine, located to the east, was a sacred building built by the native Hylotl, and housed a nameless god - a Dragon God of Sea and Storms. It is thought that this God - while seemingly malevolent at first, is instead benevolent, granting those that praise it good fortunes in sailing and fishing. Where the storm aspect comes from is unknown, but it is speculated that their attribution to storms may reference a wrathful attitude towards those who oppose it, hence the initial thought of it being malevolent. Another belief is that Port Lux is situated on a section of the planet that finds itself with stormy weather very frequently, hence the constant rain at the location, and is thought to be a result of this God.

The Shrine itself is sacred ground, and as such, is normally not visited. And due to the native Hylotl going underwater, there has been no one to tend to the grounds as a Priest or Shrine Maiden, resulting in Saxon's employers searching for candidates to take up the role. Additionally, the shrine receives donations ranging from money to food, and it is currently unknown as to who is providing these offerings as no one after the native Hylotl left had set foot in the shrine.

Due to the Gods influence over the location, it can be seen that the shrine itself is surrounded by healing water, which upon closer inspection, has been thought to be holy according to the magic-users investigating it. One other, clearly noticeable factor of the shrine is the strange barrier surrounding it, completely preventing the ocean from flooding in. The barrier itself is solid, so a means of penetrating it has been concluded to range from difficult to impossible.

Finally, it should be noted how The Shrine itself only seems to open during the night. No connections have been made between the time of day and the powers of the Dragon God of Sea and Storms, and as such, rumors have been going around that there is indeed a second God controlling the day-night cycle.

-=The Good Time Club=-
After much waiting, stalling, and painfully dull business deals, the club located in Port Lux has been greatly improved and renovated, renamed to 'Good Time Club'.
As part of the business deal, Saxon also implemented a rather luxurious, traditional Hylotl restaurant situated above the newly established building. With the addition of this new club, there are also numerous new job opportunities - of which chefs, bartenders, entertainers and so on are encouraged to apply for.

-=The Library=-
Before Port Lux was created, The Library had been built by the native Hylotl who lived in the area. Upon Saxon taking ownership of the land, the Hylotl inhabiting the area were driven out and forced deep under the ocean's waves, becoming Deep-Sea Hylotl. With plenty of new land at his disposal, Saxon considered tearing The Library down, but decided against it due to the hefty cost that would come with removing it. With no general idea of what to do with The Library aside from make it an attraction, he sought out to find someone to take care of it for him.

Upon investigating the employees and residents of the Old Lux location, he found a family line of Humans named the Lorelei's, who had ran a family tradition of maintaining, keeping and owning libraries and bookstores all across the sector. As there were no other residents of the old location who would better fit the criteria, he set out for the Lorelei's place of residence and entrusted Fern Lorelei, the eldest daughter of the current Lorelei family line with the property.

After the opening of the newer Port Lux, The Library receives book donations on the regular and provides both an excellent tourist attraction as well as a gathering spot for esteemed magic-users.

-=The Derelict House=-
The Derelict House was initially just the same as every other residence at Port Lux, and was built about one or two months before the opening. What occurred only a few days after its construction however, was nothing short of grim.
The owner of the Derelict House was simply a member of the building team, who took the house next to the store to the west. Unfortunately, after the completion of the house, it was only a few days before the entire building was torn to shreds and all traces of its resident had disappeared. It is unknown what had happened to the builder, but investigative officials had concluded that it was nothing short of an act of foul-play.

Pretty soon, the location began to decay overtime, the wood began to rot and the walls cracked. As the investigators initially had swept in to investigate, they were just as quick to abandon the site, leaving signs and tape behind. Anyone who stepped foot near the building felt a strange sensation of apprehension, resulting in the building's avoidance altogether. Soon after the opening of Port Lux, people began to speculate that the house itself was haunted, and Saxon would consider opening up the house as a haunted house attraction. This however, was scrapped after employees informed him that it wouldn't be very popular.
Yet, while no further investigation of the residence has been done, nearby residents would always report a strange air coming from the house, as though there was much more to it than met the eye.

But, these suspicions were soon realised upon the discovery of a mysterious hidden door...

-=The Abandoned Facility=-
The Abandoned Facility -- I highly secretive and mysterious location hidden beneathe the ocean of Port Lux. The enterance was recently discovered hidden below the Derelict House, and appears to house all sorts of unknown information...
The Abandoned Facility itself seems to resemble a similar archetectual style to that of Aether, yet at the same time contains aspects that don't appear to be very Aether-like. Whatever was happening down in the facility, it seems most of it was vacated, as one would find many of the storage containers to be empty. However, various documents and logs are still left behind on the computers and consoles. Who knows what was left behind?

-=The Underdark=-
The Underdark is a mysterious place located within an eerie mask nearby the Shrine. It has been said that a cult had built the tomb around it long before the native Hylotl had set foot on the coastal lands, leading some to speculate that the Avian natives were behind it. Peering into the mask would send the affected into a realm of pure darkness, akin to the midnight planets dotting the universe, yet contained no wind, no sky, no trees, only a faint mist that seemingly came from nowhere.

Local magic-users and investigators under Saxon's employment speculate that The Underdark was created as a means to transport Demons and other dark entities to and from Hell, yet no indication of a gateway or portal located within The Underdark suggests as such, aside from a book atop a pedestal, which upon physical contact will return the individual to the entrance of the tomb.
One other observation made by investigators was that located within the realm was a dark throne, which would always be seen to be empty. Periodic checks have been made to see if any sort of entity or creature would appear upon said throne, but no developments have been confirmed, making the realm itself completely desolate of life or any sort of supernatural existence. Aside from ths, magic-users have deduced that the throne itself is dripping with a dark energy, and urges anyone who accidentally finds themselves in The Underdark to avoid the throne - as reports suggested the result of death was a possibility, being judged from the dark energy.

-=The Aether Labs=-
Little is known about the whereabouts of the last few Aether employees, as the disaster that shook Port Lux left much of Aether's name and presence in shambles. The leader of the anti-Aether organisation, Trinity, had been successful in their goal of defeating Aether and its employees, and since then, the building has been left to crumble, with the building either being visited a few times to be raided of its technology or the occasional injured individual seeking to use what remains of their supplies.

It has been widely believed that most of the Aether Employees have either died, or gone into hiding, and due to this, Saxon has been under legal fire of unethical practices and holding a tycoon of the cloning industry. Due to this, and the addition of Trinity's intervention, the rights to cloning has been freely exported from Aether to the rest of the sector, allowing anyone to create clones. However, due to the impossibly complex coding etched within the method exported, it has been confirmed that the flaws detected throughout the entire cloning system are unfortunately irreparable, resulting in cloning an individual only working so many times before it becomes corrupted and unable to further provide clones for the individual.

News outlets and figures such as Trinity advise caution when using the cloning system, Trinity states in an interview that "Abusing the cloning system in place could be potentially devastating to the individual's permanent health, and could be horrendously expensive at the worst-case scenario."

-=The Silk-Road Nebula=-
The Silk-Road Nebula is a starry cloud of dust and gas located high above Port Lux in space. The cloud itself is a mixture of all different types of colours from visible to invisible and is perhaps one of the many reasons why Port Lux has an influx of magical occurrences.
Studies from various scholars around Port Lux have also concluded that the Nebula, being so far away, actually contains a collapsed star that caused the nebula to develop magical properties - thus, the Nebula has only become accessible to magic users recently.

Primarily, The Silk-Road Nebula acts as a sort of mana pool, boasting a tremendous, regenerating pool of magic. Many magic users who are aware of the nebula's presence are able to use it as an optional source of channelling magic, although with only a very small fraction of its potential; where many may use wands, staves, tomes, artifacts or hidden locations as a source of channelling the user's mana, The Silk-Road Nebula acts as one of these. As such, manipulating this Nebula is proven to be very difficult, and potentially, not entirely sustainable with a very slow rate of regeneration.

It should be noted however that the Nebula is virtually impossible to get to physically. Taking a ship towards it may result in many disastrous situations such as the ship exploding, all users dying unexpectedly, or worse - they disappear without a trace. As such, it is ill-advised to journey towards the Nebula, and should solely be used as an optional pool of mana for magic-users.
((OOC Note: Abusing the Nebula to perform magic deemed as overpowered or to make your character more powerful is prohibited. This should only be used as a source for magic-users to borrow mana from.))
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