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    Hi there, my name is Hojo. I posted a thread with a few questions about RP gameplay quite recently and received quick and helpful answers. After digging deeper into threads about rules, mechanics, etc. I discovered my original questions had barely scrapped the surface of how this community works as a whole.

    I know it must be a pain to explain every detail but I'm new to this server and official roleplaying as a whole so I'll only be asking questions that I could not find a direct answer for within ILB's website.
    Also, I realize a bit of explanation would be needed to answer these questions so don't feel obligated to them all, or any for that matter. Haha.

    1. Death of a character
    I'm a bit confused by only one aspect of this mechanic. When you die in CRP does it differ from dying in a PVP fight? Also, how does PVP differ from CRP as a whole?

    2. Clans/Groups/Factions
    During the amount of time I've played on this server I haven't noticed a strong presence of factions, though I did look through the "groups" section of the website and checked out quite a few of them. Is this because I am looking in the wrong stars/on the wrong planets?

    3. Areas of activity
    Put quite simply whenever I explore beyond the star in which Lux is located I rarely come across other players. Are there player made houses, companies, trading posts, taverns, etc. beyond the Lux star in the far reaches of space or are players more predominantly active around Lux itself?

    4. Dice
    I know it's most likely one of the first things you learn how to use in many role playing worlds but I myself have never used them. Lame I know, haha. How exactly are dice used in this roleplay?

    Thank you for any answers you give me.
    I'll most likely have many more questions as time goes on.
    I hope to become a decent role player and useful member of this community.
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    1. CRP is different from PVP in that you must roll to settle most actions. For example, you might roll a die to determine if you dodged the attack. I'm assuming by "PVP" you mean taking out an item in game at attacking someone until they die? If so, that's not how it works, everything is done IC with actions. Simply put, CRP is IC, while PVP (or at least how I read it as) is OOC.

    2. There's a lot of RP factions on ILB (SPIRE, Crusade, etc), which you can apply and join IC by asking a member of whatever faction you're trying to join.

    3. Most players RP only in lux on ILB, and occasionally Cenaria. The only time you'd find someone RP outside of lux is because they're doing some private RP, but will still be counted as if you RP'd in lux (Example: Going to lux, then taking a friend with you to go fight an enemy on another planet. You and your friend beams out to fight them, but your friend dies, so now they cannot go back to lux unless revived or cloned.)

    4. Roll dice to settle arguments and determine outcomes. Like stated above, you can use dice to determine if you successfully dodged an attack or not. It's also used to settle arguments when there is a disagreement about the fairness of an action.

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