Leap of Faith S01 E01 (Pilot)

Jan 3, 2019
Leap of Faith

A broadcast would start playing on several channels through the galaxy. Magic-users would also be able to pick up the signal on magic mirrors and such. The following text appears on the screen before the show begins. The first Drama, Comedy, and Action Superhero show to take place and be shot in Port Lux. It's also based on a true story.

The scene starts out with an avian and a rabbit person conversing in the Port Lux Tavern. The conversation wasn’t very memorable, however, they were talking about pricing in Lux. Harris was a young hare person, a scammer. He was just trying to make a living and this avian was the first person he saw. Suddenly, they're approached by some sort of small animal. A cat? It would begin talking to them through magic common in this area and on this planet specifically.

Cat: Hello there! I will grant you wishes 3 if you give me one of your feathers, Avian!

Harris: Are there usually talking Cats in Lux?

Amber: Pff, all the time. It looks like this one is a genie. Say, I’ll help you out, Mr. Pauper.

The Avian obliges, plucking a feather from their body and giving it to the Cat. The cat would consume the feather and start to gain a glowing white aura around its body already covered in white fur. The cat would turn to the Avian.

Cat: Avian, what do you wish for? Something you want deep down. Something you've always dreamed of obtaining...

Amber (Avian): Actually, I want to give my wishes to the rabbit, Mr. Harris Pauper. She'd lean in toward the cat, whispering. He's kinda a sad sack.

The cat would nod and transfer her wishes over to the young hare. The hare would think of 3 wishes that would aid him in his life. Think Harris, think! Well, he was poor. He had always wanted to have a large sum of money to himself. Especially in a place like Port Lux where everyone was a billionaire.

Harris: I wish for a lot of money!

The Cat would abuse this blunt wording and summon a safe filled with pixels over the top of Harris. It'd fall, knocking him to the ground and crushing his legs. He'd cry out in pain. The cat would slink up to him looking him in the eyes.

Cat: I bet you're wishing that you were healed up.

Harris: Y- yes! Anything, please, I wish I was in perfect condition!

The Cat got an Idea. He could get famous in the magic community by turning this guy into a marketable superhero! He'd begin warping and changing Harris's form, making him bulkier, stronger, more powerful! This hero would need to be dark and gritty as well. The cat had a plan for this too.

Harris: What the hell did you do to me? He looks to his body that was different. He felt stronger and faster. He had more energy than before. Harris was powered up.

Cat: You asked to be in perfect condition, no? I made you perfect. As perfect as you could be for a rabbit person.

Harris: I still have one more wish, right?

Amber: Make it a good one, Harrison.

Harris would be deep in thought as he tries to come up with something good. After a few minutes to thinking the Cat would begin pestering him, nipping at his floppy ears.

Harris: Alright, alright! I wish to be... Cooler? Like scrappy casual.

Cat: I can spin that- I mean- your wish is my command!

Harris would begin to warp and change once more, only this time, his clothing began to shift and change. But by the end of the transformation, it wasn't what he had expected. He was wearing some type of suit. It was bound to him and he found it impossible to remove as he began tugging at it. This was not good for him, but it was gold for the Cat.

Cat: You're much cooler now! You have a super-suit! And your entire family is dead!

Harris: Woah, thanks- Wait, WHAT?!

Cat: Your family is dead!

Amber: Why in god's name would you do that?

Cat: C'mon, for my new show! Studies show that most people like a dark and gritty superhero. It's science!


Harris ran to the corner and began shaking. Like real hares, hare people bred like crazy which meant he had hundreds of brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts, cousins, etc. All of them were dead. His loss was great. And not great in a good way, but great as in a lot. A few feet away the Avian began bickering with the Cat.

Amber: I'm calling the Father of Magic for abuse of your power!

Cat: Father of Magic? There is no father of magic, dimwit!

Amber: Are you sure about that? I just need to channel my inner mana to utterly screw you over. He'll erase your powers and everything.

Cat: I'm calling your bluff.

Amber began pretending to call the Father of Magic. She had hoped to trick to the trickster cat.

Amber: Mhmm. Yeah. This cat guy. He's using his genie powers to harm others. Yes, Father. Thanks.

Harris: Y-yeah! You're done Cat!

But her attempt failed.

Cat: I'm the ultimate trickster. You can't trick me! I already know everything there is to tricking people! You're gonna say he took away my magic and then propose that I use one of your wishes to see if my magic is still intact. I'm not falling for that!

Amber: There's no point in trying to use your magic anymore if it's been taken away by the Father.

Cat: GAH! Why are you so annoying!

Amber punts the cat through the paper-thin door on the other end of the room.


He'd run out to find the cat floating before him. Harris would jump out to grab the cat but fail miserably even with his powers. The cat floats about.

Harris: Why me? I don't want to be a hero! I'm not a hero!

Cat: Don't worry, boyo! It'll help you out. Your future as a hero is bright! BRIGHT I SAY!

The cat would somehow run on the air with icy platforms forming as he runs off into the distance. Harris would ball up a fist.

Harris: If I'm a hero... YOU'RE a Villain, magic Cat!

Harris would begin channeling that rage. The cat had ruined his life. Killed literally everything he knew. And so abruptly! He'd bring the cat to justice. Suddenly, he'd receive another call.

???: Meet me at the abandoned house East of the Tavern.

Harris would crush the phone in his hand, his eyes narrowing.

Harris: The Cat...

He'd blast off into the sky. Wait. He just launched himself hundreds of feet into the air. He really was super. In one bound, he had leaped from the Tavern's entrance to the Derelict House. He'd kick down the wooden planks and enter the house. It was empty. However, there was an open hatch before him. He'd look down into the hatch and cautiously climb down a ladder. He'd barely be able to make out anything in the dark, but he'd notice a light switch. He'd flick the switch on only to find the cat sitting on a stool at a table!

Harris: You!

Cat: Me! The name's Psionicat by the way. Yeah, still working on the names. Oooh, I have your name too! Leaper. Sounds pretty snazzy, doesn't it? Also goes with the whole bunny aesthetic.

Harris: You're going to reverse the wishes and everything you did! You're going to bring my family back. Now.

Cat: You'll have to catch me first!

The Cat takes off further into the house's basement. Harris follows as they run through a doorway. Back into darkness they'd go as he trips and falls a couple dozen feet into spikes that could kill a normal person. However, he was okay. He hadn't been punctured and his suit hadn't been either. He'd leap again, seeing the cat taking a tram system across the small ravines in the underground area. He'd knock the tram off its rail and send it flying further into the base. He'd menacingly walk forward toward the cat.

Harris: You took everything from ME! You made me into this fake hero as a joke!

Cat: Poor Harrison. It's not a joke! I'm making you a better you!

Harris: I'm not a hero!

Cat: You are a hero. And every hero needs a lair, right? This underground base is yours. For plotting hero stuff!

Harris: NO NO NO! I don't want any of this. I want to go back to my normal life of scamming people!

Cat: You really don't. Heroes need villains, right? Well, I already hired a lot of people to make this happen for my TV show so-

Harris: What do you mean, you hired people.

Suddenly, the wall next to Harris would begin to glow green and EXPLODE as something steps through. Or someone... A man standing at 6'3" would enter wearing a gasmask and with one arm extended. He'd be a zombified horror with scratches all over his body. He'd make 3, bone-chilling clicks with what one could assume is his mouth and propel an acid charge at Harris. With the powers he'd been given, he had good enough reflexes to see it fly through the air toward him! However, he was unfamiliar with his powers and was still hit by the ball. He’d clutch his chest as the acid melts away at the suit’s exterior. The suit’s old and dirty appearance was melting away. Beneath that it was shiny and bold. The light bounced off its yellows and reds. But this was no time to marvel at a cool suit.

Leaper at least knew one power and that was his ability to leap at high speeds and for great distances. He’d plant his feet on the ground, bend his knees and propel himself toward the villain. However, his acid covered hands would grip the bunny’s ears, melting the fur away. Harris would cry out in pain.

Villain: Call me… DECAY!

The villain would slam Leaper into a wall and Harris would fall to his knees. He’d clutch his ribs as the villain stood over him tall. Decay put his hands together and they’d glow. He’d raise his hands up over his head, preparing to kill Leaper.

Will our hero end up dying mere minutes after his creation? Find out next time on Leap of Faith.
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Jan 3, 2019
The author of the post listed as Psionicat, replies to Decay's post.

Nah, you weren't too scary. Just had to make some artistic liberties to really make the first villain more threatening. Nice work, though!