Lana Morgan

Dec 10, 2018
Lana Morgan

[Quicker Details:]
Age: 27
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Height: 6'2
Weight: 95kg (75kg without her arm.)
Physique: Heavily muscular, extremely athletic build.
Typical Appearance: She sports rather defined facial features, with a slim face and a sharp jawline. Her eyes are rather deep-set into her head, leading to the appearance of dark pits beneath her eyes.

Lana was originally born on a mining colony in the Epsilon Eridani System, remarkably close to Sol, only about 11 light years from it. From her childhood, she lived a fairly normal life, save for a deceased father and a single mother. Living in a relatively poor state for her adolescence, she began work as a miner at the age of 18 to help support her family. After 4 years, her mother succumbed to pneumonia, leaving her alone as a 22-year-old woman who continued to work at a foundry until the age of 27, where the corporation she worked for, Caelus Ergo Refining and Extracting, finally shut down due to an economic collapse in the Epsilon sector of stars. After losing her workplace, Lana wandered the stars, ending up at Port Lux looking for a decent job with decent pay.

The origin of Lana's cybernetics (see below) come from a mining accident involving the asteroid mining she took part in for the entirety of her career. When placing a seismic charge within an asteroid fissure, Lana unintentionally released a jet of nitrogen gas, the force of which launched a metre-sized chunk of ice at her at several dozen miles per hour. As Lana only been using one arm to inject the charge, the arm was rapidly crushed by the ice nearly instantly, along with striking her with less force in the head. This shattered her jaw, and virtually obliterated her arm with kinetic force alone. She was cast into space, still in an EVA suit, waiting 25 minutes through shock and bleeding in 0g for rescue, until a duo of greenhorn workers finally arrived.

[Cybernetic Enhancements:]
It is no surprise that Lana is a cyborg - if the enormous arm didn't give it away, she possesses several other internal augments that she's picked up from both the mining accident and other more recent incidents. The following lists her augments, as well as their abilities and traits:

Lana's Arm
Lana's arm is a massive piece of technology, forming not only her entire arm, but also her shoulder with a metal shoulder blade and hydraulic joints. Weighing in at 20 kilograms, Lana is 75kg without her arm but 95kg with it. The arm is capable of outputting ENORMOUS amounts of force, peaking at an absolute sheer maximum of 1,300kg. However, this strength comes with an immense drawback: outputting forces that large are extremely harmful on her body, and the arm is only capable of producing these forces for momentary amounts of time. The highest mass she can lift, for instance, is 200kg, risking some damage to her joints and spine for the pressure on them.

In order to compensate for the stress her body faces, Lana's arm's port (the shoulder section) features anchors which run throughout her entire body, tying in to her other shoulder, as well as her spine, even running all the way down to her hips and knees. Still, using her arm at full capacity is asking for trouble from ripping the limb clean out of her body, breaking said anchors.

Lana's arm sports extremely thick metal plating, eluding to it's huge weight as well as durability. It is capable of stopping most handgun rounds, even a .500 magnum, however most rifle rounds tend to penetrate it.

Lana's Skull
The woman's skull is also modified, sporting a metal augment on both her upper and lower mandible, heavily reinforcing it as well as functioning normally as a jaw for.. ..jaw purposes. As well as some orbital reinforcement, meaning strikes to her temple are lessened, these simple bone replacements are useful for absorbing forces from strikes as well as assisting in biting alike.

Lana's liver is synthetic, meaning she becomes sober in a few hours as opposed to much longer periods of time even when consuming enormous amounts of alcohol or drugs.

Lana has an implant in her throat which activates her gag reflex upon detecting alcohol. This was placed into her throat to help with her crippling alcoholism.

[Other Equipment/Features:]

-A .50AE handgun. Loaded in metal-jacket rounds.
-A zippo lighter.
-An immense tolerance to drugs and alcohol.
-A gas mask.
-A lot of determination.

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