Tutorial Lag & Starbound, some useful mods!

Max Bacon

Ultimate Administrator
Nov 29, 2018

Reposting a workshop collection that might help new players improve their game performance, Starbound is Starbound and gets more problematic when on multiplayer!

oinkpicStarbound FPS Improvement Mod Collection

Starbound is a 2D pixel art game, but due to the way it processes things, if your CPU is not good enough the game can lag frequently. Yes, make no mistake: Starbound is more CPU-intensive than GPU-intensive, so your GTX Titan will not help the lag!

Fortunately, mods are here to the rescue. Here are some mods that aim to boost that much needed FPS.


Most of the mods collected here are compatible with each other, except:
One common hint aside of mods, is to not play Starbound with closer zoom setting on the game options, there are also potential memory leaks that would require you to restart every now and then so it cleans up your memory. ;)