Krusty Character Sheet

Mar 11, 2019
Name: Krusty
Species: Rust Monster
Age: A couple years or so
Size: 4.6 feet tall and 7 feet long approximately
Gender: Male
Weight: 286 LBS
Appearance: Krusty is a strange creature. His body is covered in segmented plates of armor made of rust and some glossy, solidified solvent, each forming around his body and covering what would be his neck if he had a proper one. His legs have ball joints at the hips, knees (which are raised above the hip normally), and at his ankles just before the feet, which end in 3 stubby "toes". His tail is a flattened, flanged appendage that serves little purpose other than balance. His head begins almost flush with his body, with two sets of beady eyes filled with innocence and curiosity. His mouth has sharp, dagger like teeth in spaced out rows and 4 eating appendages each coming from the corners of his mouth. Under his chin are two stubby appendages that appear to have been shortened by complete removal.
Background: Krusty is a hungry boye who was a stowaway on some ship, after being discovered eating a shipment of gold his feelers were chopped off by the crew and he was thrown onto the beach of Port Lux, where he now resides
Abilities: Rust monsters are strange creatures, they break down all metals using their saliva in order to eat the oxidized form of the metal. They do this Either directly from their mouths, or by coating their feelers in it, because Krusty lacks feelers, he must do so by either spitting, or putting the metal in his mouth. Some metals are more resistant to the substance than others, taking time, but simple metals like iron and weak steels are able to be oxidized within moments.
Dislikes anchors, likes the smell of cherries.
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