Karks redux! The Karachodon and YOU

Jan 3, 2019
Karachodons, or Karks, are a race of sapient amphibians that resemble Earth's sharks. The similarities include their preference for underwater living and some parallels in behavior, but for RP purposes the kark is about equivalent to any other race in terms of physical and mental ability and potential, but with a few variations.

A few details:

-Karks have poor vision and limited stamina while on land. Some karks will wear corrective goggles and/or spinal support(sometimes including bulky power armor) to help them cope better upland. Like other races, a kark can exercise and adapt to life upland, but it is rare that they excel out of water for long, requiring frequent returns to an aquatic environment.

-Karks have no known homeworld. Many karks speak of 'Komoho', as their homeworld, though it cannot be located on any known star map. Komoho is described as a strict dictatorship run by a 'god-king'. Some claim this explains the kark diaspora, and their rebellious spirit. Karks have been often connected to piracy and smuggling enterprises, with a few appearing to be legitimate merchants and guns-for-hire.

-Karks are curious about other races, and although they seem kark-centric in their views, they look to other cultures for inspiration. This inspiration often leads to outright imitation, plagiarism and copyright infringement, as karks are known to shamelessly adopt all the memes they are exposed to ...often with comical and/or ineffectual results.

-Karks are not a joke! Although they seem clownish at times, a kark is capable of rational and intelligent decisions, though not as likely to come up with new ideas. They can be sturdy combatants, but without training they are left with a natural reaction to bite with animalistic rage when threatened. The smell of blood gives them a keen battle focus, but this is not unlike the focus humans achieve through a natural adrenaline rush.

-Karks are not easily intimidated, and in fact, do not feel fear in the same way other races do. Karachodons do however possess a sense of self-preservation, which is a good thing for the remaining karks at Lux! However, the primal wariness of danger is no substitute for rational fear, and this might lead karks to take great risks while appearing in otherwise good humour.

If there is any details which are unclear just ask. I know how much everyone loves karks at Lux so I felt they should have a forum post here. ^,,,,,,,,,^ Stay salty, drylanders!


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