Answered Items disappearing from ship

Yesterday I got a bunch of cosmetics... pretty sure I got them while playing on the server, though I could be wrong, I did play offline a bit that day. I was exploring planets and doing the usual. Today I saw they were all turned into Perfectly generic items, as if the game did not recognize them. When I got offline they did not change back, posing quite some damage to my progress. (Gee thanks) and today when I dropped a modded rocket launcher for my mech into a ship locker it also became a green cube. This wouldnt be a problem if this didnt totally destroy/replace the item. If I come on the server with all of these modded items it destroys them all. I think Bacon and his staff should make a plugin that sort of just ignores invalid items like this and let's the player move them around and such but doesnt let them use them, and only other clients can see it as the placeholder item, so that it can only break if I give it to someone but it also wont let it crash another player. In the mean time, here I'm just warning you all so you dont lose your items. Thanks for reading


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Dec 2, 2018
If the items you have use assets that aren't found in Starbound ( like from a mod or any external source ) then they'll automatically become perfectly generic items when held in the server. To avoid this happening in the future, I'd suggest leaving all custom/modded items to be used in single-player, and if on your person, it's safest not to fiddle with them, else they'll be at risk of turning into the green cubes we all adore so dearly. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me, or perhaps someone more knowledgeable of what it is you're dealing with. ~Kohi