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Discussion in 'Community Info & News' started by Max Bacon, Dec 20, 2014.

  1. Max Bacon

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    Want to check out all the new big starbound update with your bacon friends?!
    For the unstable players who want to play online, we have one unmanaged server always up now (check step 4 on this thread to get the unstable).


    :note: Server is now Passworded, to get the password join our TEAMSPEAK - - (Check this image to find it)
    :note: Just join with the ip with the port included! Hint to not get corrupted player files: Use a specific player to play on MP, and another to SP.

    I run Stable, can i have both at the same time?! // How to Install Unstable?
    Yes, check this tutorial to be able to play both versions on your PC without one conflict with the other!
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  2. Ignify

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    The Unstable branch is even better than nightly. I've been playing on it a bit, thanks a bunch, Sir Bacon-senpai!
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  3. Firewisplet

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    This is what I thought when I saw the banner
  4. BallZzOfSteel

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    I don't see any password in the ts channel, is it still up?
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  5. Max Bacon

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    Heya there, the server is no longer up, waiting for the actual unstable>stable update, as the unstable was just too... unstable to maintain it.
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  6. Lachee

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    You should edit the OP Max Bacon so people don't get confused.
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