"I saw something. Something I shouldn't've seen."

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    3/11/18 - 12:45 am

    As I lay in bed, pondering what path to take into the world of dreams, I watched a spire form, extended from the back of my brain. I had never seen this exact formation of infinite material, but instead of fear, I only felt curiosity.

    With every observation, the exact makeup changed. It bent to my will, I figured. So I raised the timber, and I watched the corners of a house appear. A nice little "home for grandma," I thought. Far too simple, I thought.

    So the corners raised, forming the walls, shooting infinitely higher into the night. At the peaks, the formation took a sharp turn, weaving roads into the sky. The twist and turned, great, curving planes filling my view.

    A better home, one where all my friends live. All the friends I have known and all that I will yet meet. We lived in this abyssal platform for a millennium, until one day, I decided I needed to leave them behind.

    I watched my little spherical self roll of the side, spinning through the sky, wondering what incredible new things I would discover. Another millennium passed, and the world had gone black, aside from this tiny, distant, spinning blue ball.

    At the bottom of infinity was an assembly line. The sphere that was me followed along the belt, guided by the soft, metallic voice of a nonexistent woman. "Welcome."

    "You are about to become a sphere." Odd, I thought, for I had surely always been a sphere. "You are a circle, but now, that will change. Welcome to Life."

    "You will remain in two dimensions until you receive a push into the third," she added, which I did not question. The ball continued on the conveyor, still, from what I could currently see, in the dimensions I've known.

    I asked the voice, "And I will remain a sphere until the end of my life?" and it paused for a second. "Life is not like you know. At the end of Life is simply __," which I cannot recall. "Those children are there now."

    Images flashed through my mind, one of multiple child murders I had seen stories about. I felt nauseous. Her metallic voice turned shrill, but it didn't change. "That is the meaning of Life." I looked back down at myself only to find the sphere traveling backwards, the conveyor having taken it away.

    I looked around, but I could see everywhere all the horrible things I've ever known, now on another plane. I opened my eyes and shook the wretched spire from my head.
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