I need to know If I need to nerf my magic character.

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Does this seem balanced?

  1. Yeah, leave it as is.

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  2. Maybe a little stronger?

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  3. A few changes are needed.

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  4. Needs major nerfing. (Please reply suggestions or where I fucked up)

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  1. Hoshi

    Hoshi Cooked Bacon

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    My character is mainly a utility mage and casts very weak healing and illusion magic.

    The extent of her restoration is healing minor wounds like small cuts and scrapes in combat and outside of combat she can heal stuff like non-internal damage as long as the target isn't struggling.

    For illusions mostly sensory effects for a single person, with warnings before it goes off, the maximum is stuff like increasing or numbing pain, Flipping someone's sight horizontally or vertically, or creating a copy of herself easily told apart from her at a close distance. she also has to be aware of what she makes the target feel, so if she enhances the targets pain she feel the enhanced version of it or numbing she has to feel the pre-enhanced version of it.

    She can also do things like create ice which quickly melts, fire that quickly goes out, light that fades, Darkness that illuminates

    Also her magic is drawn from herself as her physical form is made out of mana (magic energy, whatever.) this also means she is very hard to heal without magic, and is very weak to injury, this also means she cannot gather mana by herself and in order to survive she must gather mana from mages who must willingly and knowingly give her mana. this also means casting spells harms her and give her no other benefit, while also taking time away from her lifespan.
  2. Archduke Seraph

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    Seems balanced. Then again, it's hard to balance something in a place where someone can die by taking a wrong step up the stairs while another person in the same room can survive multiple nuclear blasts. The takeaway: Their Our Know rules in Cenaria. Do whatever you feel like, don't worry too much about other people unless you're getting told multiple times to change it.
  3. Hoshi

    Hoshi Cooked Bacon

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    I would do that if someone didn't walk up to me whilst I was talking to someone about my character 'training' (My excuse for being gone from rp for a few months) and they asked "What were you training?" And I simply replied by snapping my fingers and making a small fireball appear above my hands, then all of a sudden from that person "Oh, ok" as they walked away. also magic generally will make most people call bullshit and void people. I wanted to make sure people found my character balanced and not powergame-y
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  4. ICDeadPixels

    ICDeadPixels Detective Pixie Bacon Manager R&D Team

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    From experience, the most endearing characters are the most normal ones. In a world where most everyone is overpowered or flashy, the more normal you are the more interesting you are. More time is put into developing your character rather than your abilities and it makes all the difference.
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  5. Derrick

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    Speak, brother.

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