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    Hello Tasty Community

    In this Thread i show you guys how to find any useful information
    you need for this Server and inform you about stuff you need to know.

    1.1 - General Information about SP Mods

    So basicly this Server is like any other Server.
    We have specific rules to keep everything good and clear.
    You can read them at the board.
    Many People don't know, that we got a script running which automatically bans people with Singleplayer Mods (SP Mods), because those "SP Mods" causing huge Error's on our Server and crash other People. To underbind that, please make sure you not use Singleplayer Mods when joining the Server.

    1.2 - FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

    1. First you go to the Front Page of iLoveBacons and click on "Staff Request".

    2. Second you do is pull up a Request. Select the "Ban Appeal" banner.


    3. Third you do is to setup the Appeal. As example appeal you can look at this:


    4. Fourth, don't forget that we need your Ban Ticket Number and your Name. You see the Ticket number when you try to join or at the moment you get banned. After you send it to us we can unban you as soon as we notice your Appeal.

    2.1 - There are many reasons this can happen. Most common reason is because Singleplayer Mods.
    This is the first thing you get asked in your Ban Appeal. We will ask you what Mods you got installed. If you don't have any installed you can even write that directly into the Appeal. If you got some installed, we need a list of all. For that you go to your Storage into the Mods folder and list us all the Mod names.
    We will proof if any of those are Singleplayer Mods. If yes, you need to remove them. After that we can unban you.

    2.2 - If you have no Mods installed, then we need your Log. For that you need to go to your Starbound folder:


    Open the "starbound" file with any text editor you wish. I prefer using "Notepad ++", it's free and common use for things like this. After opening it you copy everything and paste it into this Website: ""
    After pasting all in, you click save and send us the Link to it. We will tell you then what wrong is.

    A: Yes. But it will take some time. You mostly can appeal after a few days or weeks, it belongs to the harm you did to the Server.

    You can help us. Click here or go to the iLoveBacons front page to "Staff Request". There you can set up a player Report.
    Important: We can't do something, if we don't have some proofs. Means Screenshots/Videos are welcome!
    You need also to provide the name of the person you want to report in the title. Describe what he did and post the proofs into the Report. It helps us alot!

    This is a common Problem with Servers which got Mods installed, which you not got. You need to go to your Starbound settings ingame, and click on "Allow Assets Missmatch".


    Other Helpful Threads:

    For now that should be all.
    If you got Questions ask down below this Thread.
    I am gladly to help you out.
    Also if you got some wishes or things to add,
    please inform me, i will add it then.

    Hope this Thread is able to help you guys out!


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    I don't get a ticket number when I try to join the server. Is there anything I can do about this?
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