How does fighting work?

Jan 27, 2019
For example, some questions
Can you use armor? If so, what limitations are there?
What is the minimum level weapon you can have?
Do you and the other person fighting have to agree on a fight? (excluding the bounty board thing)

may post more questions

Archduke Seraph

Roleplay Monitor
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Dec 2, 2018
ILB is a pretty lax place in terms of what stuff you can use in RP. There are no set limits to what your weapons and armor can be, but the most important thing to remember is that there is a real human person behind the character you're CRPing with. Do your best to limit yourself on what's fair and what's not-- though if someone finds something unfair, they're more than likely going to get very vocal about it.

For a frame of reference, try to watch others RP and notice what sort of gear they use, but do keep in mind that some people really do toe the line between "acceptable" and "overpowered."

For information on consent and what counts as agreeing to a fight, I think this thread sums it up real well.

Have fun.