Question How do i use altability for primaryability?

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    Howdy everyone. I'm a Starcheat user and thanks for reading the first line.

    I've been doing some parameter testing on active items, i had made a weapon that has Risingslash for primary ability and Broadswordcombo for alt ability.
    From this the weapon's left-click does nothing, but while holding right-click it causes the weapon to do it's Rising Slash attack once and then slash down twice, repeating in that order.

    So i need to know if it's possible to change an alt ability's fireMode to primary, for making it trigger on left-click instead of right-click (such as risingslash).

    If this can be done through json, i could use it to make some interesting items, such as changing between the risingslash attack's damage type and the player's rising speed with adaptableammo for that weapon.

    Being an altability i don't think adaptableammo can share the same vacancy with other alt abilities, unless they can be used in primaryability.

    I hope to hear from everyone soon, so i don't have to bother everyone on Discord with all these questions. And thanks for reading.
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