Homebrewed Event Rules [Feedback encouraged !]

Jan 12, 2019
Here's a set of Rules for various events i homebrewed with a bit of Trial and Error, if you want to, you can use them as well if you want, i won't mind. What i WOULD mind is if nobody leaves feedback on it, as that allows me to enhance the rules or fix little things here and there.

  • Matches Take the form of unarmed Duels (No weapons or armor besides reinforced boxing gloves if Organics are fighting Synthetics)
  • Synthetic or augmented contestants have to power down their "weaponry" to human-level force
  • Any permanent or fatal injury may be punishable by a total ban from participating in future tournaments as well as being kicked out of the current one
  • Stamina level: Each character has 5 stamina, counting as lives. Every time a pin succeeds or the person takes a number of hits, a stamina point is deducted. If the person runs out, they are KO and lose the round.
  • Pins get substantially harder each round. (Bonus of 10 to defence rolls added for each stamina point lost by the opponent, for a maximum of +40 for the defence's last check)
  • There are 6 moves (Light attack, Heavy attack, Move, Grab, Throw and Evasive Actions). each contestant may do 2 actions besides grab and throw, wich have to happen in 2 turns for balancing reasons unless the referee agrees to the use of it.
  • Taking 3 Light attacks will deduce 1 stamina
  • Taking 2 Heavy attacks will deduce 1 stamina
  • Being Pinned will reduce stamina by 1 each turn that passes under the pin.
  • Grabs block the opponent ability to attack, and allow for throws or undefendable light attacks.
  • Throws can be defended against and allow to throw contestants off the ring
  • Evasive Actions that succeed against grabs or heavies may be rewarded with one free light attack.
  • Taking consecutive Evasive Actions has a penalty (Each time one succeeds, the next one has 50% chance less to succeed as well)
  • Rolls are required for: K.O. attempts, Throw attempts, Pins attempts and saves

- The matches can either be CTF or Team Deathmatch
  • Being shot results in being "Out", during wich the player has to raise both hands and put the safety on his paintball gun, before yelling "OUT", and heading back to spawn, arms still raised and unable to both be shot or shoot. After a certain amount of time (2 turns) They are allowed to join back in, "spawning" at their home base.
  • Shooting someone from less than 1 meter away is forbidden and punishable.
  • Shooting referees or spectators on purpose is forbidden and is punishable by a ban of participation from the current as well as future matches.
  • In case two opponents reach a distance of less than 1m, they have to back off, back to back for 5 seconds (1 turn).
  • Melee kills are done by touching directly the person you wish to melee kill while saying "melee kill"
  • Game mechanic: Ammo (Each player has a set amount of ammo, and each movement costs a certain amount of it, If someone uses all their ammo, they can either ask for ammo from someone in their teams, or go back to spawn to reload, wich counts as an "out" )
  • A Player has 30 ammo per life
  • A player can shoot once for a precise shot or sparing ammo, in bursts to get 2 chances of hitting their opponent, Can go overwatch and get a reaction shot on the next action from an ennemy player when they enter their Line of Sight, or use Suppression to get a weaker reaction shot against anyone who enters the suppression field.
  • Joint attacks may also be used by waiting and precising "[Joint]" at the end. A joint attack will be triggered by a teammate and will allow both the waiting player and the player whose turn it currently is to do a double-turn together. This can be used for exemple to have someone act as decoy and disctract a player in overwatch long enough to shoot them and not take overwatch fire.
  • Shooting once costs 1 ammo
  • Shooting in bursts Costs 3 ammo
  • Overwatch costs 3 ammo unless the weapon is a paintball sniper, wich uses 1 ammo
  • Suppressing costs 5 ammo initially and gives a reaction shot if its targets attempt anything putting it into the shooter's Line of Sight.
- The goal is to capture the ennemy team's flag and bring it back to your own homebase territory.
  • No medics for CTF
  • A flag can be captured even if your own flag is currently held by the ennemy (Prevents basecamping)
  • Killing the carrier of the flag forces them to drop it down
  • A dropped friendly flag can only be picked back up by its team after 10 seconds (2 turns), after wich they are free to bring it back to base, but they can STILL be shot while doing so. This penalty only applies for your own team's flag.
  • An ennemy flag dropped by an opponent wich was bringing it back to base can be picked up immediatly.
  • If, after a set time, no team has won any advantage in score, sudden death is applied, in wich everyone is called back to spawn. After everyone's there, they are released and a fight to the death with no more lives is engaged, the last team standing wins by default.
- The goal is to score more kills than the ennemy team. Deaths are counted by the referees at each team's spawn, and the team with the lesser amount at the end wins.
  • Medics are designated at the start and indicated with a white band on their arms.
  • Medics can "Raise" Downed players by making direct contact with them for some time (1 turn). Those players revive on the spot where they were when the medic ended the "Raise".
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