Dec 31, 2018
Hi, newbie here.

Just have some questions, mostly about RolePlaying.

- There are like banned races or not welcomed? Like I could be perfectly a NovaKid?

- I've been reading the rules and so, but I have problems with CRP, What exactly is a turn about. (What I mean: for example, I would have an ability that beam me up, exactly how many turns I would have to wait? 5,6,7...)

- Roleplaying affects allthe starbound univers? like I could be in XXXX planet and still roleplay? And so, players should have some distinction if they are in adventure mode or roleplaying, or not?

Thank you,

I'm looking forward to be part of this community:giggle:
indoorcat.png just a picture of a nice kat I found.
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Dec 2, 2018
no banned races man go nuts with what you want but know don't go overboard

turns and such you decide on your own or with a staff member for help, and the time for beaming USING the teleport station is 3 turns

basically yeah
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Nov 30, 2018
hey theres a cat so i felt the need to respond

You can rp anywhere. Cenaria and Lux are the dedicated planets to rp in

just a tip, stay away from adventure world if you're expecting a good rp
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