Discussion in 'General Server Discussion' started by jamesbutina11, Jan 5, 2017.

  1. jamesbutina11

    jamesbutina11 Greasy Bacon

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    i went off to edit and fix a rotaion for somone and they said if i run off with there wep i would be reported.... server has max people in it for half a hour now... upload_2017-1-5_20-14-27.png
  2. Max Bacon

    Max Bacon Tasty Owner Bacon Chief RP Manager Tasty Club

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    Well when that happens not even I can join so, no help :p
  3. David Drek

    David Drek Starbound Moderator Tasty Club Davidly

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    Well, they trusted a stranger with their item, so it's not really something that you can help. I don't know if you found them yet, but just keep the item safe until you meet with them again.

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