Hello! This is title of my Introduction!

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    And this is the beginning of my first thread!

    Hello! My name is SPLiT//S3C0ND992, but if that's too much of a mouthful you can just call me Split.

    Most people do anyways.

    I've been playing Starbound for a while, ever since 1.2, but it was always in singleplayer. Not quite sure why I didn't look up a server to play on, but now I have, and I have discovered that virtual interaction with your fellow entity is highly preferable to isolation with a bunch of NPCs. I'm a big nerd, but not so big that I'll get every refrence you throw at me. And not an anime nerd. Unless you count DC Animated films as anime. Star Wars too. As you can also probably tell from my signature, I'm a gearhead. And I prefer trucks over cars. Why go really really fast when you have the ground clearance to take a big shortcut? After all, you don't always have to go blazingly fast to win. But enough about vehicles; after all, Starbound doesn't really use wheels.

    You see, I'm here to tell you that because you moved your cursor a couple of inches and clicked on this thread, you have won a standard dose of Earth's atmosphere! Make sure to take your next breath with an excessive and unnecessary amount of pride.

    Anyway, I hope to become a known member of this community! For some reason that notification button is really satisfying to click. I enjoy Starbucks Starbound, and multiplayer. Mainly because I'm somewhat introverted and really quiet in real life but I still need some level of social interaction. And I'm not telling you this to try and make you feel sorry for me or something. I'm just a really honest person.

    And this is the end of my first thread!

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    ok enjoy keep posting on the forums
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    Welcome to the community!

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