Hello again!


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Starbound Moderator
Starbound Builder
Nov 29, 2018
Hi again, reposting my intro since the forum was restarted.
On the Starbound server, most of you may know me as Aurora.
I joined the ILB community around February 2015 and became really active around August 2015.
I became staff around March 2016 and have been helping out since.

I love to make things in Starbound ranging from Items/Animations to Interface modding.
You will often find me on server messing around with item code or answering people's modding questions.
If I am not busy, feel free to ask me for help.
I enjoy helping others and showing people how to make their own mods/items.
Not sure how good of a teacher I am though. :p

I attend a university, so I am not online as much as I would like to be.
I am currently seeking a degree in Computer Science.
The programming languages I am familiar with are: C, C++, C#, F#, SQL, and Java.
However, I am most experienced with C and C++.
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