Group Fights (event): RULES


Roleplay Organizer
Dec 4, 2018
In a group fight caused by an official Church of Flesh event, there is a risk of confusion. I will attempt to apply these rules to reduce the probability of group fights turning into moshpits.

1. When the fight begins, there must be a maximum difference in number of combat roleplayers on both sides of three characters. There cannot be more than a total of ten characters involved. Here are a few examples.

  • Side one: 3 characters
    Side two: 6 characters

    ~ Group fight enabled.
  • Side one: 5 characters
    Side two: 8 characters

    ~ Group fight disabled: more than 10 characters involved in total. Two separate combat roleplay group fights will have to be organized from the first.
  • Side one: 2 characters
    Side two: 6 characters

    ~ Group fight disabled: Difference in character count is higher than 3. A character from side two will have to leave the combat roleplay.
2. The turn order will be agreed upon before the first combat turn. During group fights, I will use a custom item that will summon a static crosshair projectile over the head of the character currently able to act.
  • Attacking a character gives it a turn to react and counter-attack. This reaction turn does not count in the turn order. Normal turn order will resume after the reaction turn.
  • Healing, buffing or interacting with another character does not lead to a reaction turn, but to a status turn instead. That kind of turn will allow the affected character to state if the spell/buff/heal/ability/etc. was successful, nothing more.
  • Status and reaction turns can be given to multiple characters at once. They may react or state status in any order they want, before regular turn order has resumed.
3. In order to increase the speed at which the group combat roleplay will go, dices will be disabled. This should lead to a more fluid experience. However, I reserve myself the right to remove a character from the group fight if I think they are powergaming, after a single warning.

Excessive OOC, including arguing, will be met with removal from the combat roleplay, also after a single warning. Of course, telling me the turn order was messed up doesn't count as excessive OOC.

5. If an involved combat roleplayer has to take a pause due to OOC stuff, then the fight is temporarily stopped. If the roleplayer leaves for more than 5 minutes, the fight will resume without them, and the AFK character will be considered as absent.

6. Instead of death, a new mechanic will be used for defeated characters: Downing. Downed characters are characters who are completely incapacitated, critically-damaged, or/and unconscious. Such characters loose their right to act in the turn order, but they can be reinstated in the turn order if they are healed.
- At the end of the group fight, downed characters who haven't been healed will die. If they aren't event characters, they will be given a free revive after 24 hours.

The group fight ends once one side has surrendered, escaped, or been downed. Any further combat actions will be considered regular combat roleplay actions and these rules won't apply anymore.

8. Charging can only be done if it's your turn. This excludes reaction and status turns.

Comment your suggestions about these rules below. These rules might change over time to be simplified, elaborated on, or/and improved.