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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Saintilicious, May 16, 2018.

  1. Saintilicious

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    Hello there folks! I'm a new face around here lately that is hoping to integrate as part of the community (alongside playing some Starbound here or there.)

    But who am I? Without making myself sound a little pompous:

    You can refer to me as Saint. I'm a games designer with a very recent interest in playing Starbound; I used to be an extremely heavy role-player a couple of years back in other video game communities such as World of Warcraft (and a few other undisclosed cases.)

    Eventually I decided to take a break from my writing hobby because it was using up too much of my time, however I've been keeping in touch with my old RP contacts since then and made quite a few lifelong best friends through the process. I value both the characters AND the individuals behind the writing which makes me a very open and chatty fellow.

    I don't know if I'm ready to jump straight back into the deep end yet, but I'll be hanging around as part of the community and easing myself into things gradually. If you see "Echrii the Saint" around be sure to strike up a conversation if you want to; I always love meeting new people. Otherwise, I hope that I can at the very least enjoy what's being offered to me through what this community provides.

    Thanks for understanding (and potentially putting up with my utter nonsense, heh.)
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  2. Notryan

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    Hope to see around soon o/!
  3. Kurzon

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    Well you can join the roleplay whenever you feel like you want to, it’s a pleasure to have you along!
  4. firechicken23

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    well, no matter if you plunge right back in or take it slow, welcome to ILB! as you are a games designer, I'm sure you'll fit right in with the modding crowd. with that said, I hope to see you serverside, and don't forget to check out the community discord!
  5. RiSKYxWolf

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    Welcome Saint, I hope you enjoy your time here! :closedeyesmile:
  6. SmolChild

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    Welcome! Hope you have a great time here! :)
  7. Kiato

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    Nice to meet you! Hope you enjoy your time with ilb.

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