Dec 2, 2018
Grabensoldat is an...Odd fellow. His name, of course, isn't actually the mouthful of words shown in the title. What it really is, is currently unknown, as he has yet to tell anyone. He has yet to even arrive at port lux, and thus, a description of him is not possible, even if he were to not wear his combination of a gasmask and durasteel helmet at all times. Whether or not the man is human....One would assume the first. Speech patterns are typical of your average human, and they have an accent, something not many a company would likely invest in. Wait, did i say i wasn't gonna give a description? Mic fumbling noise Alright, uhhhhh....

So, the stuff. Guy looks to wear a set of armor that looks like it was meant for a soldier (Although he constantly says he isn't one). In it is: A coat with light metal plating underneath, specialized boots with cleats to prevent slipping or tripping, a solid durasteel helmet, gasmask to be worn under said helmet, featuring yellow glass that emits light over the eyes. a bandoiler for long useless grenades (Frag ones have a 50/50 chance of going off, smoke ones just kinda light on fire and do nothing else). His eyes are just barely visible through the yellow glass, looking to possibly be blue pupils. He speaks a german-esque language, although some words seem to randomly have an extra R attached to the end (I.E. Soldat to him is pronounced Soul-dat-er, instead of soul-dat. Probably pronounce-spelled that wrong. Excuse my stupid). He can commonly be seen carrying a small backpack. He holds with him at all times, a refurbished AK-47, with a 35 round clip (He claims 35 is "The luckiest of all numbers."), a detatched bayonet, the handle having a chunk bitten off, a "Glockr" pistol, and a black and white photograph of a white male, rather young, standing next to whom one might presume are his parents, the father having no special features other than a tattoo of a dna strand on his arm and the mother wearing a baseball cap.
The man himself is psionically (Or, if you dont like the fancy word, magically) inept, and posses no special qualities, other than, as he says: "Being a master ninja and CQC wizard." , "Having thousands of hours of training.", and "Having survived 3 days in the wilderness with naught but my knife and a few rocks". These are presumed to be lies, as he shows very little actual CQC or stealth experience, and has never said what he has trained for. The wilderness one might be true, but thats a stretch.

Anywho, if anything would like to be changed, please do tell me, i'd hate to annoy someone cause a' me bein' stupid.

Got mitt uns.
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