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Nov 30, 2018
Hello Roleplayers!

I'm here to announce the upcoming events that will involve the new Good Time Club on Port Lux, and explain a little bit how some of them will work. The poll is in place to determine how popular the events would be to all of you, and whether or not going through with them is worth the time and effort.

The events I have planned will be as follows, and are in no particular order:

- Comedy Night: Do you think you're funny enough to make the people of Lux pop a lung? Then this is for you!

- "Person of the Week" Roast: Here's your chance to make fun of your friends, laugh at their expense, and have a good time! Or, maybe you'll be the one getting laughed at! Who knows! (Weekly Roasts will be held, and those who sign-up to be roasted, will get first pick. This will have to be flushed out more in time, but for now, I'm posting this as just a heads-up.)

- Talent Competition: Think you have what it takes to impress the judges? Then sign-up and prove Port Lux does have talent! (Showing off powers/magic is not really considered a talent, more so a learned skill. Talent, by definition, is a natural aptitude or skill. I say this so that the talent show isn't oversaturated with people summoning demons or turning into monsters. Keep it simple.)

- The Lux Night Show with Roland Thunder: I want the people of Lux to feel special, and have a chance in the spotlight to share their experiences, stories, and what's going on in their life currently.

- Battle of the Bands: It's exactly what it says. You think you have what it takes to compete in the Battle of the Bands? Grab your band buddies and blow the audience away, for a chance to win a special prize. (Probably a Steam Card or something, dunno yet. Leave suggestions if you'd like.)

As an added thing, the Club is always open to musician sign-ups. Contact me at my Discord account Morphine#4077, and book your gig. If you happen to see my character Coucho in-game, hit him up, as he is the Club Manager.

Tell me what you guys think, and as always, stay tasty!
Nov 30, 2018
Great idea to move people away from the stale tavern! : ) However, keep in mind that if you dare make 'comedy night' an actual thing, I will personally create a character based off of Amy Schumer just to spite you.