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  1. Nettle Boy

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    Howdy everyone.
    For a very long time i've been using starcheat to mod items.
    I've learned so many parameters to script items with, that i decided they should have a world of their own.

    There are some mods for Starbound that uses crafting or spawn command to obtain the mod items in single player.
    I was thinking that maybe these items could be found in the world, but that would mean adding the items into the world generator's coding, which might make the player incompatible with vanilla servers and the mod items hard to find.
    So then i thought that instead of generating these items in containers, i could make a world save file that already has these items hand-placed throughout this planet. But then everyone would need coordinates and a working ship in hopes of getting them.
    So maybe i could add a save file of a new character that's already on this world. Unless their position isn't stored in the player file, the character would be on that world.
    Otherwise the new character could have a teleport object on their ship that'll take them there.

    But for what i'm doing i'd rather not change the vanilla assets in starbound, so this Project won't have any files to put into the Mods folder, instead it'll have one save file for the world and two saves files for the new character and their ship that can be added to their respective folders. So that when someone goes on single player and selects the new character they'll be playing in whatever senario this character has last been left in.

    I'm calling these save files Add-ons, because they don't have any mods alongside them and only use json scripting for their modified items and objects.
    I'm not sure if changing the name of the save files will effect anything, but it'll make them easier to find when someone needs to remove them.

    So far i haven't made any save files or even mod items to put in, but i had imagened there being a dungeon where you would have to earn these items. It wouldn't be much of a world to visit if there wasn't anything interesting.

    But there's two things that are stopping me:
    1: I have too little imagenation on deciding what to build and draw.
    2: I'm not excited enough to take on building everything for this world.

    I guess when it comes to doing something for the first time you have to start small, right?
    I'll just have to start with making box-shaped rooms and puting stuff in them for now.
    If nothing else i'll still have learn't something new from trying.

    If i do get this Add-on built up to a good enough point, i'll release it here for everyone to test out.

    I won't be taking any suggestions right now from anyone. But everyone is more than welcome to make their own add-ons if they have something good in mind for a mini game.
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  2. Nettle Boy

    Nettle Boy Sizzling Bacon

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    Ok so i made a world that's just a empty base so far.

    I quickly learn't that changing the name of it's savefile cuases the player to beam down to a seperate world with it's own savefile.
    So i did some testing with the world's name coding, and found out it is possible for one planet to have a second version of itself but this second world can only be accessed through teleportation.
    But that would need two world savefiles so i just changed it back to it's origenal name for beam down access.

    As for the character part, i created a human named Jacob who will be a placeholder for testing obstacles.
    I'm not entirely sure if this character will still be on the world i leave him at when players start to play him.
    So i'll have to release a early version of my Add-on just to know if the other players end up beginning on Jacob's Ship or not.
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  3. Seby-DC

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    dijistes que te diera ejemplos de minijuegos ... por ejemplo no se si conoces wipeout esta muy chulo podrias hacer laberintos ...
  4. Nettle Boy

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    I can't translate that to english
  5. Nettle Boy

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    I ran into an issue that can't let me upload my world and player files.

    The max file size limit for uploading is 48.8 MB, but when i check the zipfile's propertites of my world savefile it says: Size 3.32 MB (3,491,827 bytes).

    Can someone tell me why the system thinks the compressed world savefile is too big?????

    This is the message that appears:

    The following error occurred:
    The uploaded file is too large for the server to process.
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  6. Nettle Boy

    Nettle Boy Sizzling Bacon

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    I've just tested my zipfile on another computer.

    I was right. The player does start back at their ship.
    Everything else seemed fine when playing the character and the world i made.

    So that answers my big questions. Now i just have to see how i can upload this 4000 KB zipfile.

    i tried uploading these files without compressing them, but it still won't let me do it.
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  7. Nettle Boy

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    I've done some experimenting and i've learn't that i can post a file that's under Size: 1.99 MB (2,093,399 bytes), any higher and i can't post it.

    So what now?
  8. Nettle Boy

    Nettle Boy Sizzling Bacon

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    Ok so i've gone with Google Drive to share my Add-on. So here's the download link:

    I've added another character to this version, because i think players should have the free option to play as a boy or a girl.
    I'm still sorting out the starting items for both of these characters, so for now they only have a flashlight and the inspection tool.

    Let me know everyone if this Add-on has issues or is working fine.
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