Gadget is A griefing my ship

Discussion in 'Chat / Off-Topic' started by LazyPotatu, Jun 25, 2018.

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  1. LazyPotatu

    LazyPotatu Fresh Raw Bacon

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    there is a dude named gadget he was partying with my friend manyan we went to his place and then i decided to troll him a bit i put a single block of lava in top of him he didnt died his fine and then i left the place to check my planet and when i return to my ship he destroyed everything and deleted all of my items all of my singleplayer hardwork this is soo sad is there any way to return the items?
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  2. Deatho

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    Have you tried using the backups also please report said user.
  3. Cloudydays

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    Like Deatho said, make use of your backups. Also, what goes around comes around.
  4. Speed Lightning

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    I appreciate your honesty regarding what you did, and I agree that - if what you say is true - the response was rather excessive. If you have evidence of this or any future incidents, please feel free to make usage of the forum requests by submitting a report with the evidence; this can be gathered with screenshots or video recording. The requests forum can be found here:

    I have locked this thread, as it has served its purpose.
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