Frankie Fingerdecks


Name: Frankie (Real Last name unknown) Most commonly referred to as Finger Skate Selective. In informal situations he is referred to as Frankie Fingerdecks.
Age: Unknown: presumed anywhere from 25-35
Occupation: Fingerboard reviewer and Trickmaster.
Height: Around 5'9.
Race: Human (Subspecies: Fingerboarder)

Appearance: Medium Fair Skin, Brown Eyes, Brown hair. Prominent but thinly maintained beard. Usually wears a baseball cap and/or hoodie, prefers Jeans

Character Lore

Frankie loves to play fingerboard, he is never seen without his Tech Deck Fingerboard, and always wears his backwards cap, hoodie, and standard blue jeans. He considers himself a master fingerboarder. He will greet people by saying "YO YAY" or will sing his Fingerboard theme song. And when he is done telling someone something he will say "You already know!" Or "Its what it is!"

Frankie is truly a nice person, and means well to those around him. Unfortunately, Frankie is likely delusional, living in an idyllic state of reality, where he thinks everything is great, and is completely oblivious to the Universe's dangers and problems.

Because of his weirdness, obliviousness, and over friendlyness, Frankie can come off as quite annoying to People and Beings around him.

When he is not talking about Fingerboarding, Frankie speaks with mandatory vocabulary. He NEVER stutters or falters when speaking such as saying "Uhh" and other words similar.

Very seldom will he show anger or annoyance, but when he does, it's as if he is someone else. The moment he gets angry, his body language and breathing completely change, his voice and way of talking have strange qualities, putting weird emphasis on syllables, words, and letters, (( think of Gman from Half life )). His eyes will even have a different shape from their usually ones.

It is speculated that under this guise of a shy and soft-spoken nature, Frankie, deep down, is most likely a homicidal maniac who'll slash a woman's throat the first moment his temper is tested.

Offensive Equipment

Frankie carries a Aegisalt Pistol with Tech Deck and Fingerboard stickers plastered all over it, and a jarringly misfitting 16th century Italian Rapier.


To impress onlookers, Frankie is an outstanding Fingerboarder, and knows EVERY trick in the book. While in terms of offensive capabilities, he is a master at Spanish and Italian style fencing with the Rapier. He operates his Aegisalt Pistol at a respectable capability, although he seems a little reckless with where he points the barrel.
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i'll take back what I said if you trade me your tony hawk tech deck for this peanut butter and kettle-cooked potato chip sandwich.