Franciscus Digitus Tristega Facies In Ea


Name: Franciscus Digitus Tristega Facies In Ea
Age: Unknown (because IDK when Starbound happends)
Occupation: Nobleman and former Military leader
Height: Around 5'4-5'7
Race: Shadow being (Formerly Human)

Appearance: When he was human: Medium Fair Skin, Brown Eyes, Brown hair. Clean shaven face.
As a Shadow being: Same facial structure as his Human form, but everything else is a Shadow Person, has green eyes.

Character Lore

Even long before the destruction of Planet Earth in the year XXXX, his name was completely forgotten, buried and washed away through time. In the modern era, all that echoed of his descendants was the bumbling and odd, Frankie Fingerdecks.

This individual whom I speak of was born as Roberto Franciscus on April 6, 1188 in the modern day Spanish autonomous community of Castilla–La Mancha. He grew up as a peasant. His friends and family would describe him as being pale, sickly, and apathetic of both himself and his surroundings. His village along with his family was killed off when he was in his late prepubescent years. Nobody knows when, where, why, how, or even who did it, but Roberto was alone in this world, he was not necessarily cast out, but you could say he WAS, only by circumstance. Almost nothing is known about his teenage years, but what is certain is by age 23 in 1212, he had secured a name for himself, fighting in the Battle of Las Navas De Tolosa.

He would become known as a hero, had children, and would work as a mercenary until age 29, when he witnessed a brilliant flash of blue light fall from the sky. Investigating where it landed, he came across a dark colored ship, covered in red glowing eyes and dots, with wings and faces. Out of it stepped humanoid beings covered in shadow with Green Eyes. He had come across a ship of the Shadow People. Out of the mist of the ship's entrance exited a Shadow Being with Red Eyes as opposed to green. It communicated with him telepathically, telling him he could either destroy the Earth, or give him a fight he may have a small chance of winning.

He agreed to the challenge. And the Beings transported him far away from Earth.

Before him appeared a Weakened Remnant of the Ruin. He fought the creature for what seemed like Days, but it eventually escaped, and severely injured Roberto. The Shadow Beings came across the maimed and dying Roberto, and expressed disappointment with the predicament, but were impressed that a human was able to contend with a God level being. They decided they will save his life, and keep him as a resource, wiping his memory and re-birthing his consciousness into a Shadow Being known as Franciscus Digitus Tristega Facies In Ea, and placing him in a stasis state, at the center of the Earth's Core.

Some unknown time had passed, whether it being thousands or even millions of years, nobody knows. The destruction of the Earth by the Ruin awakened Franciscus, and sent his dormant body careening away from the Earth. By pure luck, he was discovered by an escaping ship. The crew were obviously bewildered and jarred at what they were looking at, but nonetheless took him to the outpost.

He was once again cast into a situation against his will, this time in a place and time he could not immediately understand. He broke away from the crew in the chaos of a crowd on the outpost. And wandered around it for few days. But something called to him. He stole a ship, and almost instinctually, flew to a Shadow Planet. Where he found the place in ruin, and the shrines destroyed.

The Shadow People's civilization were punished by the Ruin for their actions all those ages ago. And all that is left of them were beings who silently stood by their tiny monuments.

Franciscus wanders the universe as a soulless monster, searching the universe eternally for any remnants of the Shadow People's civilization, blissfully unaware of his Human descendant known as Frankie Fingerdecks.

Offensive Equipment

Franciscus carries the same sword he has throughout his Medieval military career, but it is extensively refined and enhanced with ancient Shadow People technology. He also has acquired and learned how to use Modern Rifles.


The physical strength of a Shadow Being.