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Dec 2, 2018
Modding Forum Rules

The following are NOT cool and are not allowed:

  • Begging for mods.
  • Elitism. This means no bragging, no shaming of people for not knowing things etc. This forum is a positive environment for learning and sharing, not a dick measuring contest.
  • Discussion of hacks, exploits, griefing tools or modding deemed to be malicious.
  • Dont paste huge blocks of code / logs in threads use gist or a hastebin.
  • Off topic threads / posts are not allowed since we have a shiny off topic forum for them.
  • If you are going to do commissions dont ask for money; that's not cool.
The following are totally awesome:
  • Sharing mods, either by using the showcase or by linking them in discussions. (Please make sure you have the permission of the mod author before posting someone else's work.)
  • Writing modding tutorials and helping people.
  • Offering to make mods for people in a commission thread or equivalent.
  • Asking for help on a modding project.
  • Showcasing your work tastefully.
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