Fledgling's Wish

Archduke Seraph

Roleplay Monitor
Tasty Club
Dec 2, 2018
The other day, I met my school teacher in the marketplace. He called out to me, and I went to greet him. I love seeing my teacher. I asked him, “Teacher, will I be able to fly with the Knights soon?” He laughed and ruffled my hair. “Fledgling, you are too small to fly with the Knights. You need to wait until your wings have grown.”

I don’t like waiting. But I went home, and then I waited and waited and waited. Finally, after days of waiting, I figured I had waited enough. I skipped over to the edge of our mountainside village, stretching my wings, and I took a long look out at the landscape. I was going to fly through it all! Without hesitation, I jumped forward, flapping as hard as I could. But my wings weren’t big enough.

Then something grabbed my leg before I could fall, holding me upside down. I looked up (or down, from my point of view) and saw that it was none other than our fearless leader! She glared at me with her burning orange eyes, asking me in High Speak: “What are you doing?” I don’t know why she talks in High Speak so much, but I guess she is our monarch. I told her “I wanted to fly with the Holy Knights!”

Her stern look falters as she sets me down upright with her one arm. ‘Holy’ is another thing that confuses me. It has no meaning in either of our languages, but she used it when naming our protectors. “That’s nice,” she says. “But you almost died. Don’t be so careless with your life on the line.” I thank her for the advice, and she returns to wherever she came from. The next time I try to fly, I will use a safer location. Maybe I will find a smaller cliff!